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New Bus for London on Route 38



ロンドンを拠点とするデザイン事務所・Heatherwick Studio(ヘザーウィック・スタジオ)がデザインしたこの新型ルートマスターは、先代の特徴である開放式後部プラットフォームを備え、エンジンは電気・ディーゼルハイブリッドシステムを採用。旧型に比べ、環境に優しく、よりスムーズかつ静かに走行する。現在38番ルートのみ限定数運行中。BBCによると、このバスの開発に800万ポンド、そして購入予定の合計約600台のバスに約1億8000万ポンドの税金が使われる予定だそうだ。確かに他のバスに比べて少し広めで乗り心地はいいし静かだけれど、1台約3千万ポンドも払うに値するか疑問。それに、売りである後ろの出口から「hop-on / hop-off(自由乗降のような意)」する人たちを未だに見たことがなく、この出口が必要とも思えない。市長の古いルートマスターへの感傷が高くついた。このバスの導入によって、運賃が値上がりしないことを祈るのみだ。

Another topic for red vehicle after yesterday’s Engine.

Since the first service started on February 27 this year, I happened to get on the “New Bus for London” for the first time about a month ago. This futuristic bus is the new version of London’s beloved Routemaster. The original Routemaster was withdrawn from service at the end of 2005 by former London Mayor Ken Livingstone. However, his archenemy Boris Johnson whose campaign pledges being to introduce a new Routemaster was subsequently elected Mayor in 2008, and he did what he promised to do.

Designed by London-based Heatherwick Studio, the new bus, currently operating on route 38 only, features the ‘hop-on hop-off’ rear open platform of the original Routemaster, but is operated by latest technology of hybrid electric engine which is quieter, smoother, and more environmental. The project cost almost £8million to develop (BBC news) and final cost to purchase about 600 buses will be around £180 million (approx. £300,000 per bus!), which are drawn from tax-payers’ money. Yes, the new bus is a bit more spacious and comfortable but less noisy, but I am not sure if it’s worth its price tag. Also I’ve never seen anyone hop-on or hop-out this new Routemaster, and I don’t know if the platform is really necessary…  Boris’ sentimentalism in the London’s old icon costs us a lot. Hope bus fare won’t hike because of those buses…

2階席 / upstairs seatings

後部階段 / Stairs on the back