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Adagio Pizza Al Taglio @ Greek Street, SOHO

一度行ってみたいと思っていた、ソーホーのGreek Street(グリーク・ストリート)にあるPizza Al Taglio(ピッツァ・アル・タリオ)のお店「Adagio(アダージョ)」。何度も書いているのでご存知の方も多いけれど、Mはピザにうるさく、Pizza Al Taglioのお店を見つけては、食べに行っている(過去のエントリー参照)。


近くにあるMallettiソーホー店もそうだけれど、店内はかなり狭い。壁とウィンドーに面したカウンター席しかないけれど、天気が良ければ、テイクアウトして、近くにあるSoho Square(ソーホー・スクエア)で食べるのもいい。イートインだと、レトロなデザインの紙と取っ手付きの木のプレートにのって出てくるのが可愛い。今回は、ポテトと、モッツァレラ・チーズ、チェリー・トマト、そしてルッコラのピザの2種類をオーダー。オーブンで温め直してくれた熱々のピザは、生地に凝っているだけあって、ジューシーな具とうまく絡み合って、なかなか美味しい。ロンドンにおけるピッツァ・アル・タリオ私的ランキングでは、初登場でMallettiに続く2位に躍り出た。


Adagio is a pizza al taglio restaurant on Greek Street in SOHO, and I had been wanting to go since its opening in February this year. As I wrote many times, M is a big pizza lover and always check a pizza al taglio place (see past entry).

As its name Adagio (slow/slowly in Italian) suggests, the dough here takes a minimum of 72 hours to prove before baking, so their pizza come out not thick and doughy but light and crunchy. Their pizzas with over 40 seasonal varieties are freshly prepared in the kitchen on the back of the shop, and you can taste a variety of pizzas on different day and time. The price is decided by weight and they cut the pizza in any size you want when you order. You can try different kinds, ordering small size each, although they may not like it if the shop is crowded or an order of all pizzas in a bite size.

The place is as small as another tiny Malletti SOHO branch, but there are few stools facing the walls and windows. If it is a nice day, you can take out and eat at nearby Soho Square. For eat-in, pizza is served on cute wooden tray with retro design paper. This time I ordered a slice of pizza with mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and rocket, and potato one. The pizzas were warmed up again in the oven, and a collaboration of juicy ingredients and crunchy base was quite nice. Now Adagio is ranked number second after Malletti on my favorite London pizza al taglio list.

Located in the midst of SOHO, Adagio opens until late – usually till 12am and to 2am on Thursday to Saturday. * This information is based on About.com, and please check the restaurant before you go, if you don’t want to come back with empty handed (their own website doesn’t tell you the opening time).

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