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Royal Mail Stamps: 350th Anniversary of the Royal Society

先日、トラファルガー・スクウェア近くの郵便局に国際免許証を申請に行った。イギリスでは特定の郵便局(リスト)で国際免許証を発行していて、発行手数料は£5.50。その中の一つ、トラファルガー・スクウェア支店(24/28 William Iv Street)は、近年発行の記念切手も多く扱っているので、これを機会に記念切手を多数手に入れた。

そのうちの一つが、2010年2月25日発行の「350th Anniversary of the Royal Society(王立協会350周年記念)」ファーストクラス切手(4月6日に値上げされ、現在41ペンス)10種。1660年設立の王立協会は、現存する最も古い科学学会で、イギリスにおける科学者団体の頂点にあり、これまでに数多くの著名な科学者がその会員に名を連ねた。その中から、世界的に有名な科学者を10人選び、各々の研究内容のカラフルなイメージを上部に、そして下部にモノトーンの肖像画・写真を配し、クラシックだけれど洗練された、モダンで印象的なデザインに仕上がっている。


We went to a post office near Trafalgar Square to apply an international driving permit. In UK, selected post offices (list) issue an international driving permit and Trafalgar Square branch (24/28 William Iv Street) is one of them, and the charge for a permit is £5.50. The branch also has a large collection of recent issued special stamps sold there, therefore we bought a lot of special stamps on this occasion.

350th Anniversary of the Royal Society“, a set of 10 x 1st class stamps (each stamp value of 41p, since its price went up on April 6)  issued on February 25, 2010, features ten of the many prominent Fellows of the Royal Society, who have contributed to the development of modern science. Founded in 1660, the Royal Society is a learned society for science and acts as the UK’s Academy of Sciences, and is the oldest such society in existence. With colorful images of the scientists’ area of research on the top and monotone portraits on the bottom, design of the stamps is classic but modern, and quite sophisticated and impressive.

(Left to right from the top): Robert Boyle, founder of modern chemistry; Sir Isaac Newton, physicist and optical pioneer; Benjamin Franklin, inventor of the lightning conductor; Edward Jenner, inventor of vaccination; Charles Babbage, developer of programmable computers; Alfred Russel Wallace, pioneer of evolution theory; Joseph Lister, inventor of antiseptic surgery; Ernest Rutherford, founding father of nuclear physics; Dorothy Hodgkin, pioneer of x-ray crystallography; Sir Nicholas Shackleton, pioneer of climate research.

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