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Good Beach Guide 2011 – are UK beaches Clean or Dirty?

イギリスの海水浴場の水質調査を基に、水のきれいなビーチをリストアップしたガイド「Good Beach Guide」2011年版が、今日公開された。Marine Conservation Society(MCS/海洋保全団体)が1987年より発行しているこのガイドは、1960年に作られた海水浴場の「Golden List」に起源を持つ。下水で汚染された海で泳いだ後に、6歳の娘をポリオで亡くしたWakefield(ウェイクフィールド)夫妻は、未処理の下水が海洋投棄されていることに憤りを感じ、このリストを作成した。これが、他の海洋汚染防止キャンペーンとともに、1976年における海水浴場の水質のヨーロッパ基準策定と、下水処理への膨大な投資につながったという。

MCSは、欧州連合のBathing Water Directive(水浴場の水質指導規定)を基に、イギリス国内の782カ所の水質を調査。今年の調査結果によると、昨年に比べて42カ所多い、461カ所が最高レベルの「recommended(推薦)」を取得。24年の発行期間の間で3番目に高い数値となったが、それでも46カ所は最低レベルの「basic pass」さえクリアすることが出来なかった。


汚染された海で泳ぐと、お腹の具合が悪くなったり、目や耳、喉の感染症を引き起こす可能性があるそう。それに未処理の下水が混ざった海で泳ぐなんて、考えただけで気持ち悪い!環境問題にうるさい(と思っていた)イギリスが、まだ海洋投入前の下水処理を義務づけていないなんて、少し驚きだ。イギリスでビーチ・バカンスをお考えの方、「Good Beach Guide 2011 Recommended Beaches」(推奨ビーチリスト)を見てから、行き先決定を。

A comprehensive guide to bathing water quality around the UK, Good Beach Guide 2011 launched today. Published by the Marine Conservation Society(MCS) since 1987, the Guide began life as a ‘Golden List’ of beaches in 1960. Tony and Daphne Wakefield had lost their six-year-old daughter, after she contracted polio swimming at a sewage contaminated beach. Outraged that raw sewage was being pumped into the sea, the Wakefields published a new ‘Golden List’ of clean bathing beaches. This, along with other clean sea campaigns, led to the introduction of European standards for bathing water quality in 1976, and massive investment by the water industry to clean up raw sewage (quoted fromGood Beach Guide).

The MCS tests water quality at 782 sites across the UK, under the EU’s Bathing Water Directive rules. This year’s results suggest that the number of beaches given the top rating was the third highest in its 24-year history: 461 beaches gained its top “recommended” award, 42 more than last year, although 46 sites failed to reach the mandatory minimum level of “basic pass”.

The basic standards of water quality were set in European law 35 year ago, but stricter rules will come into force from 2015 due to the revision of the Bathing Water Directive, and these will start to be monitored from 2012. As a result, the MCS concerns that almost double the number of beaches could fail in future years. It is still legal to pump sewage into the sea and not enough of those outlets were being monitored. Only a quarter are monitored to check how often they are putting untreated sewage into the sea.

Water pollution can give swimmers stomach upsets or ear, nose and throat infections. Also it is disgusting to swim in the sea mixed with water from sewage (I didn’t know it is still legal)!! Check out  Good Beach Guide 2011 Recommended Beaches, before you decide where to have your beach vacation in UK.