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New Penguin Beach @ London Zoo

リージェンツ・パーク内にあるロンドン動物園の「Penguin Beach」が、200万ポンドをかけた改修工事の後、本日8年ぶりに再オープン。計66羽のフンボルトペンギンマカロニペンギンケープペンギン、トビペンギンが、新しい住処にやってきた。→写真はここ



After eight-year closure and £2 million revamp, the new Penguin Beach at London Zoo in Regent’s Park reopened its door to public today. Sixty-six Humboldtmacaroniblack-footed and rock-hopper penguins have moved in to their new territory, and seem to be very happy. → zoo’s photo gallery

The new facility has a sandy beach and rocks, and an underwater viewing area where visitors can watch the birds diving for fish during feeding time, as well as a nursery with a chick incubation unit and a pool where baby penguins can learn how to swim. The new pool is the largest created for penguins in England, which is four times bigger and three times deeper at 2m, than the old one. The Penguin Beach will eventually house 200 penguins. The exhibit also features a replica of the field station in Antarctica, where London Zoo’s penguinologist works.

You can take kids here, or you can come to see these adorable and funny creatures to cheer you up, when you are a bit low or stressed out – it’ll be much cheaper than seeing a therapist and possibly more effective.