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What’s in British’s Shopping Basket?





About a month ago, I read a Telegraph article about consumer research conducted by Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain. Morrisons has analyzed the weekly shops of its 11 million customers and found that the most common items are not so different from 50 years ago, just after food rationing ended.

The item found most regularly in customers’ shopping baskets, was sliced white bread, followed by ready salted crisps (potato chips) and a tin of chopped tomatoes. The only vegetable which is ranked in top seventeen most purchased items is broccoli, and banana is the only item of fruit. The item that would have been inconceivable in shopping baskets of 50 years ago was probably a bottle of Australian white wine. If the result of the research is true, average British doesn’t seems to eat very healthy.

Until 2004, Morrisons superstores were largely concentrated in the English Midlands and the North of England and had expanded southwards recently and there is no Morrisons store in central London. Therefore, their research may not reflect Londoners’ shopping baskets – almost half of Londoners are not born in UK. If analyzing Waitrose shoppers who are mainly middle class, the result may be different as well.

The supermarket said the list proved that British shoppers were, following the recession, more willing to cook from scratch, and typical shopper on average makes spaghetti Bolognese once a week and hunts for bargains. I wrote in the past that spaghetti Bolognese is one of the most popular foreign dish among British (→past entry). But it is a little surprise for me that Italian comes the top of the dishes that appears on UK’s dinner table. Well, pasta is easy to make and costs little, and quite tasty whoever makes it!

  1. Sliced white bread(スライスされた食パン)
  2. A packet of ready salted crisps(塩味のポテトチップス)
  3. Tin of chopped tomatoes(トマト缶)
  4. Bananas(バナナ)
  5. Large bottle of cola(コーラのペットボトル大)
  6. Broccoli(ブロッコリ)
  7. Small pack of chocolate wafer biscuits(チョコレート・ウェハース・ビスケット)
  8. Packet of minced beef steak(牛挽肉)
  9. Packet of breakfast tea(紅茶)
  10. Salmon fillets(サーモン・フィレ)
  11. White bread rolls(ロールパン)
  12. A jar of instant coffee(インスタントコーヒー)
  13. Mature cheddar(チェダーチーズ
  14. A bottle of white Australian wine(オーストラリア産白ワイン)
  15. Tomato ketchup(トマトケチャップ)
  16. Pork and egg pie(ポーク&エッグパイ)
  17. Strawberry jam(イチゴジャム)
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