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2009 Budget in Red Briefcase



4月22日、アリスター・ダーリング財務相によって、2009年度予算案が発表された。当日は、庶民院(House of Commons)での発表を前に、恒例として、財務相公邸であるダウニング街11番地前で、財務相が「Budget box」と呼ばれる赤い革のブリーフケースを掲げ、報道用の写真撮影が行われるのが恒例行事だ。財務相の持っているブリーフケースは、1860年頃に作られたオリジナル。この習慣は戦後初の財務相、Hugh Dalton氏によって始められたとされ、ゴードン・ブラウン首相が財相だった1997年に新しいブリーフケースが作られたが、ダーリング財相は今回オリジナルものを使用した。


On April 22nd, the Budget 2009 was announced by Chancellor Alistair Darling. On Budget day, the chancellor holds up the “Budget box” for the press photo-shoot outside of 11 Downing Street before the delivery of the statement at the CommonsThe original briefcase was made in around 1860, and this custom is believed to be originated by Hugh Dalton, the first post-war chancellor. In 1997 former Chancellor Gordon Brown ordered a new briefcase, but Chancellor Alistair Darling reverted to using the original box.

Key features of the Budget include delay 2p rise in fuel duty, increase in alcohol and tobacco tax, higher road tax on polluting cars and scrappage scheme, winter fuel support for pensioners, charge for supermarket plastic bags, tackle child poverty, and help with energy costs for poor families etc — sounds typical socialistic Labour policies. The most controversial change this year is a new 50% top tax rate for people who earn more than £150,000 a year, soaring up from 40%. Of course Tory Party, supported by middle class and the rich, protest against it. The Labour government suggest the possibility of reverse the rate in the future, but I doubt it is possible unless the economic boom come back again or the Labour loose the power, with less tax income with credit crunch and more spending with economic stimulus plan, and the government borrowing doubles. Fortunately or unfortunately, the tax rate won’t affect us anyway!

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