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Candeira Folding Reclining Chair by Habitat

Cadeira Folding Chair
Habitat Summer Sale 2009

ロンドンは今、夏のセールの真っ只中。Mがずっと欲しがっていた、アウトドア用のリクライニングチェアーが20%割引になっていたので、Tottenam Court Road(トッテナム・コート・ロード)にあるHabitat(ハビタ)に買いに行った。

Habitatは、イギリスを代表するデザイナーで、インテリアショップやレストランの経営者でもある、サー・テレンス・コンランによって1964年に設立された、スタイリッシュな家具や家庭用品を売るライフスタイルショップのチェーンで、現在ヨーロッパに80店舗を持つ。1992年に、IKEAイケア)創業者Ingvar Kampradイングヴァル・カンプラード)とその家族が保有するIKANO Groupの傘下に入ったのだそうだが、私的にはHabitatはIKEAのちょっと高級バージョンと言う位置づけであったので、なるほどと得心したのだった。


Now London is in the midst of summer sale season. Outdoor reclining chair M had insisted to buy is 20%off, so we went to buy it at Habitat shop on Tottenam Court Road today.

Habitat is a life style shop selling stylish household furnishings and operates 80 stores in Europe. The chain was founded in 1964 by English designer/restauranteur/retailer Sir Terence Conran, but it was sold to IKANO Group (privately owned by Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, and the Kamprad family) in 1992. I thought Habitat is a little more upscale version of IKEA, and now I understand why.

Our new folding outdoor recliner ‘Cadeira‘ is very cute with orange frame and detachable white padded sling. The angle of reclining is perfect, and it is comfortable to sit with large padded backrest. The 91cm seat width is wide enough to change your position. It would be even better if it has a foot rest as well, but the seat height is low so it doesn’t bother much. The only problem is the white seat cover is easy to get dirty – it’s already a bit dirty as we could find only display models (I thought only 20% off was a bit pricy for the display model, but M had to have this but nothing else).  Now what we should do is to wait short London summer which may or may not come – last week was hot and temperature went up above 30º but now, in the middle of July, the highest is just above 20º…

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