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Campania Italian Deli & Café @ Columbia Road

週末はフラワー・マーケットで賑わうColumbia Road(コロンビア・ロード)も、平日は道路脇の多くの店がクローズしており、人通りも少なくて静か(写真1/2/3/4)。でもイタリアン・デリ&カフェ・Campania Gastronomiaは月曜以外の平日もオープン、ランチをする人、ケーキと&お茶でお喋りを楽しむ人、仕事の合間にエスプレッソでリフレッシュする人たちで賑わっている。


名前の通り、オーナーはイタリアのカンパニア州出身、州都・ナポリ出身のシェフが毎日新鮮な食材を使って、その地で農夫や漁師が食する典型的な料理を作る。電子レンジの使用と料理の再加熱は断固拒否するというこだわりぶり。パスタやリゾット、スープ、ケーキなどの日替わりメニューは、1枚の紙に綺麗に印刷され、同じく1枚のイタリアワインのリストと一緒に出される。カルボナーラやスパゲッティ・ミートソースなど、イギリスにありがちなありきたりの料理ではなく、なかなか本格的。この日は、Gnocco sardo con ragu(ミートソースとリコッタサルデーニャ風パスタ/£12)とPenne Ortolana(茄子、パプリカ、ズッキーニのペンネ/£12)を注文。Gnocco sardoは少しソースが多過ぎてお腹にたまるけれど、ペンネはあっさりとヘルシーでまずまず。かなりお腹が減っていたので、ぺろっと平らげたけれど、ボリュームがあるので、軽く食べたい場合は、パニーノ類などの軽食をどうぞ。〆には、カンパニア出身で長年コーヒーを作り続けてきたバリスタの淹れたナポリ風コーヒーと手作りケーキ(ダイエット中でなければ)もお忘れなく。

Weekdays on Columbia Road, famous for its weekend flower market, are quiet with many shops closed and  few people passing by (photo 1/2/3/4). However, Italian deli & café Campania Gastronomia opens on weekdays as well except Monday, and is usually quite busy with people having lunch, chatting with cake & a cup of tea, or taking a break with strong Italian coffee.

This small rustic-chic café has a lot of characters; old & new photos of the region put up on the walls, well-used tables and chairs, a variety of antipasti and handmade cakes placed on the wall-side table (photo), hanging legs of prosciutto, and wines stuck in the wooden holders on the walls. It’s not really tidy or neat, but strangely relaxing.

As its name suggest, the owners are from Campania in Italy, and a chef from Naples cooks typical peasants and fisherman dishes of the region everyday, without reheating or microwaves. Daily menu with pasta, risotto, zuppa (soup) etc is nicely printed on a piece of fancy paper and comes with Italian wine list on a coloured paper. The dishes aren’t ordinary Italian typical in UK such as Carbonara or spaghetti Bolognese, but sound quite regional and authentic. We ordered Gnocco sardo con ragu (Sardinian pasta, slow cooked beef argue and ricotta / £12) and Penne Ortolana (penne, aubergine, peppers, courgette / £10). Gnocco sardo had too much sause and a bit heavy, but penne was more healthy & simple and not bad. We finished all as we were starving, but if you want to eat light, go for their selection of panini. Don’t forget finishing with their Neapolitan coffee, made by a barista from the region who has been making coffee all his life, with its handmade cake (if you are not on diet).


I didn’t notice until we left the café, but the woman in the photo above, showing her back was British fashion icon, Alexa Chung – she was very pretty and slim! She seemed to share a cake with another woman, but the cake was half uneaten. It is tough to be a celeb, as she can’t even finish entire cake.