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Zizzi @ One New Change, St Paul’s Cathedral

Zizziは、石窯で焼いたピザが売りのイタリアンのチェーンで、現在、イギリス国内に87のレストランを展開している。AskPizza Expressとは同じ系列。今まで行ったことはなかったのだけれど、最近オープンしたOne New Changeに行った時に、初めてトライしてみた。

奥に長細い店内は、悪くないけれど、いかにもチェーンという感じ。石窯で焼いた、薄くてクリスピーだというrusticピザも、不味くはないけれど、ジューシーさがなく平凡な味で、期待外れ。系列のPizza Expressの方がまだ美味しい気がする。カルボナーラも、味が薄くて塩をふりかけないと食べれない。もう、One New Changeの店には来ないかもしれないけれど、でもレンゾ・ピアノが設計したCentral Saint Gilesにできたお店には行ってみたいと思っている。

Zizzi is an Italian restaurants chain under the same group with Ask and Pizza Express Restaurants, and currently has 87 restaurants in the UK. I’d never been to Zizzi before, but I tried the one at newly opened One New Change when I went to the mall.

The interior of the this long and narrow restaurant is not bad, but it’s of typical chain and boring. Its “thin & crispy” rustic pizza baked in a stone oven, was not juicy and average, and quite a disappointment. I would think its sister restaurant Pizza Express’s pizza even better. Its carbonara is the same story – I had to put some salt to make it edible. I may not come back to the one in One New Change, but I may try another new one at Central Saint Giles, designed by Renzo Piano.

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British’s Favorite Foreign Cuisine


I am writing this blog while I am watching Italy vs Paraguay, the first World Cup match for Italians, the defending word champion. Players of Azzuri are about the same from the last World Cup including the coach,but just 4-year older, therefore it is anticipated that it is quit hard for them to maintain the championship. In addition, there is no player selected from Inter,  the team completed The Treble, becoming the first ever Italian team to achieve the feat, by winning the Scudetto, the Coppa Italia and the Champions League in a single season. Accordingly, it is reported that Italians are not excited much for this Word Cup game – yet.

少し前の記事だが、Cauldron Foodsの調査で、イギリス人の好きな外国料理のトップ8で、イタリア料理が堂々の1位に輝いた。2位のフレンチ、旧植民地だった3位のインディアンなどは納得できるが、7位、8位にメキシカン、ギリシャ料理がランクインしたのが意外。最近ブリートを売るファースト・フードショップ、メキシカン・レストランが増えていてるのはその人気のせいか。でもギリシャ料理店は、ロンドンにはあんまり多くないように思うんだけれど。

  1. Italian/イタリアン
  2. French/フレンチ
  3. Indian/インディアン
  4. American/アメリカン
  5. Chinese/チャイニーズ
  6. Other/その他
  7. Mexican/メキシカン
  8. Greek/ギリシャ料理

I read a while ago that Italian food is selected as the most favored foreign cuisine in UK, based on a study commissioned by Cauldron Foods. Sounds reasonable that French and Indian, a former British colony, come the second and the third, but it is a bit surprising that Mexican and Greek ranked rather high on number 7th and 8th. I don’t see many Greek in London, but now I get why Burrito shops and Mexican restaurants are spurning in the capital.


A survey by BBC’s Olive food magazine gives the similar result.  Over 40% of nearly 2,500 readers who participated the survey chose Italian as their favourite foreign food, followed by Indian food at 16%. Pasta is the most popular Italian dish, favoured by 26.5% of people, and the favourite sauce on pasta is Bolognese, followed by carbonara and then pesto. Lasagne is their second choice with 15% of votes and pizza is the third at 14%, followed by risotto. Although the teaching of Italian language is not commonplace in British schools, but Italian is their second-favourite language, after French. I thought Spanish would be the second, as Spain is the number one destination for British tourists and many Brits have a second house in Spain – I guess food is the powerful force for people to fall in love with a certain culture.

元に戻るが、Cauldron Foodsの調査によると、昨年イギリスの食卓に上った料理10皿のうち、6皿は外国料理だったそうだ。これを受けて、Cauldron Foodsの広報は、「it’s clear that we Brits are actually some of the most adventurous and cosmopolitan foodies in the world(私たちイギリス人は、世界の中でも冒険的でコスモポリタンなグルメであることは確か」 とのコメントを出したけれど、その割にアフリカ料理やカリビアン料理など、ロンドンに多く住む移民たちのエスニック・フードは、インディアンを除いて移民街以外ではあんまり見かけないし、タイ料理やベトナム料理に比べて人気もないし、トレンドにもならない。これで、世界的にもコスモポリタン、と自負するのはちょっと行き過ぎ?

Back to Cauldron Foods survey, 6 out of 10 meals prepared in British households last year were derived from foreign culinary traditions. Cauldron Foods PR says, “it’s clear that we Brits are actually some of the most adventurous and cosmopolitan foodies in the world”, but I hardly see a certain ethnic food restaurant such as African and Carribian cuisine outside their community. Though there are lots of people from these countries living in London, these ethnic restaurants have not the same popularity as other exotic cuisines like Thai or Vietnamese. Isn’t it a too much boast to call themselves ‘cosmopolitan’ with this result??

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Kitchen Italia @ Covent Garden

Westfield shopping centre(ウェストフィールド:ヨーロッパ最大の都市型ショッピングセンター)に続き、コベントガーデンに最近オープンした、Kitchen Italia(キッチン・イタリア)の2号店。HushVillandryなどを経営する、元弁護士のJamie Barberがオーナーだ。入口はちょっとケバケバしいけれど、Wagamamaを思わせる長テーブルが何列か置かれた、カジュアルだけれどスタイリッシュな店内は、広々としていて明るい感じ。あのPizza Eastを手がけたのと同じ人物が内装を担当したそうだ。私たちは午後遅めに行ったのだけれど、出る頃にはすでに、シアターに行く前に食事に来た人たちが席を埋めつつあった。開店時間は、朝11時から夜11時半(日曜は10時半まで)。観劇の後でも食事できるよう、11時で閉まってしまう通常のレストランより少し遅くまで開いている。



After the original in Westfield shopping centre, the second Kitchen Italia just opened in Covent Garden. The owner, Jamie Barber, is an ex-lawyer and also owns Hush and Villandry restaurants. Although the entrance is a bit flashy with bright electric signage, the interior is casual but stylish with Wagamama-ish wooden long tables, created by the same person who did Pizza East, and the place is spacious and bright. We went there late afternoon, but when we left, there were already many people coming for pre-theater dinner. The opening hour is 11am – 11.30pm (10:30pm on Sundays). It opens a bit longer than usual restaurants that close at 11pm, so that people can have late dinner without rush after the musicals or shows.

Kitchen Italia’s pastas are handmade and fresh, and pizzas are char-grilled. The price is quite reasonable – a variety of pastas are all below £10, and mains such as chargrilled thin steak and chicken are under £13, though not much choice. There are many side dishes on the menu, but not much vegetables and quite a lot of carbohydrates such as pizzas, foccacia, and bread stick, which are a bit too heavy for a stomach to have with pastas. On the day, I ordered spaghetti alla carbonara and M had fresh tomato spaghetti, and these dishes were quite good as in a casual Italian restaurant. Their carbonara is not a cheat with cream but with eggs, parmesan cheese and pancetta (Italian bacon), as in the traditional recipe. It was a good gesture of them to give us a small ice cream in a cute package, with cappuccino and espresso after meal.

There are numerous Italian restaurants in London, I am glad that finally casual but chic Italian place comes out, other than stereotypical cheap trattorias with red and white table cloths or posh Italian that charge you hundreds.

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Jamie’s Italian @ Canary Wharf

昨日のCarluccio’sに続き、またもやイタリアン。セレブ・シェフのジェイミー・オリヴァーが手がけるお手頃イタリアン・チェーン、「Jamie’s Italian」Canary Wharf(カナリー・ウォーフ)店に、話の種に行ってみた。ロンドン中心部の古くからの金融街「シティー」と双頭をなすイギリスの金融街、カナリー・ウォーフ(イギリス英語ではワーフよりウォーフと発音)の高層ビルに囲まれたショッピングモール内にあるため、客層は近くで働くビジネス・ピープルが多い。ジェイミーのFifteen(フィフティーン。うちから歩いて8分のところにもある)に比べるとクオリティは少し劣るものの値段は安く、ホームメイドのパスタで£10前後、メインでも£10〜17だ。イタリアンと謳っているものの、カジュアルかつカラフルな店内は、ロサンゼルスにありそうな、アメリカン・ダイナーかメキシカンといった感じ。ハンバーガーがあったりするメニューは、イタリアンのテイストを加えたジェイミー流だ。

注文したBucatini Carbonaraブカティーニカルボナーラ)は、ヘルシーバージョンで、ズッキーニ、生のタイム、タマネギ入り。でも、これらの野菜の味とカルボナーラ・ソースの味が衝突する感じで、私は正統派のカルボナーラの方が好きだな。デザートのTuscan Chocolate and Hazelnut cake(トスカーナ風チョコレートとヘーゼルナッツのケーキ)は、しっとりして美味しかったけれど、Mの母の住むトスカーナでは見たことがないので、これも彼のオリジナルレシピではないかとちょっと疑っている。

ジェイミー・オリヴァーは、イギリスでは相変わらず人気者だ。現在放映中のChannel 4の「Jamie’s American Road Trip」という番組では、アメリカの各地を回りながら地元の人たちと食を通じて交流、アメリカ人とも気さくに打ち解ける姿を見せている。「Jamie’s School Dinners」では、ヘルシーな学校給食づくりに貢献(ジャンクフードに慣れた一部の生徒からはボイコットされると言うハプニングもあったけれど)。アメリカにも進出、全米で最も肥満率が高い都市に行って、地元の人たちの食生活改善にチャレンジするという番組も、来年アメリカでオンエア予定だそうだ。しかし「The Naked Chef」以来、ずいぶんふっくらしたジェイミー、自分の食生活も少々改めた方がいいかもね。

After yesterday’s Carluccio’s, today’s topic is also about an Italian restaurant as well. We went to Jamie’s Italian, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver‘s casual Italian restaurant chain, in Canary Wharf, London’s another financial centre equal to rivaling the City. The restaurant is in a shopping mall surrounded by skyscrapers, and the restaurant was busy with business people working nearby. In compare to Jamie’s another restaurant chain Fifteen (one is in 8 minutes walk from us), Jamie’s Italian is not as good as Fifteen but more reasonable – homemade pasta cost around £10 and mains are in £10〜17 range. Although it is called Jamie’s ‘Italian’, this colorful restaurant looks more like American Diner or Mexican in Los Angeles, and its menus including hamburger are Jamie’s originals with Italian taste.

Bucatini Carbonara I ordered is a healthier version with courgettes, thyme, and onions. But these vegetables conflict with Carbonara sauce and I prefer the Italian traditional recipe. Tuscan Chocolate and Hazelnut cake for desert was nice and moist, but I have never seen it anywhere in Tuscany where M’s mother lives, and I believe it is Jamie’s recipe as well.

Jamie Oliver is still very popular in UK. In currently airing Channel 4‘s Jamie’s American Road Trip, he travels around the USA and communicates with local people through cooking. He contributed to improve school lunch in UK in Jamie’s School Dinners in 2005, though some kids who are used to junk foods boycotted his new healthier lunch menus. Next year, a special TV series, starring Jamie visiting some of the most unhealthy cities in the USA and try to improve its residents’ eating habits, is expected to be aired in the USA. Jamie seems to have become a bit chubby since his first TV series The Naked Chef, and he may also want to consider changing his eating habit as well.

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