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Cây Tre SOHO @ Dean Street

ロンドン東部で人気のベトナム料理店Cây Treが西進、ソーホーにもオープンした。オーナーのVietnamese Kitchen Groupは、ホクストンにある本店、ベトナミーズ・レストランが集まるKingsland Road(キングスランド・ロード)のViet Grill、そして最近本店の向かいにオープンした軽食・テークアウトのKêu! báhn mì deli(バインミー)と、ロンドン市内に4店を持つ。

Cây Tre SOHOは、広々として明るく、モダンなインテリアデザインと、従来の冴えないベトナム・レストランの常識を覆すおしゃれさ。でもソーホーという好立地に加え、内装にお金をかけているせいか、値段は他のグループ店に比べると割高。しかも、フォー£8.50(本店£6.50)、生春巻き£4.50(本店£3.50)、Com Saigon£9.50と、いい値段をとる割に量は少なく、キングスランド・ロード価格に慣れている身には不満が残る。グループ店も含め、味も人が絶賛するほど特段美味しいと思わないんだけれど。。。



Hoxton’s popular Vietnamese restaurant Cây Tre stretched its hand to the west; the Vietnamese Kitchen Group, the owner of Cây Tre as well as Viet Grill on Kingsland Road, London’s little Saigon, and recently opened Kêu! bánh mì deli, has opened a new venue in SOHO.

Cây Tre SOHO is spacious and cheerful, and its modern and stylish interior defies an image of conventional Vietnamese restaurants in London. But all these niceness, as well as its prime location of central London, cost us. Food are pricier than other sister restaurants: Phở £8.50 (Cây Tre Hoxton: £6.50); summer rolls £4.50 (Cây Tre Hoxton: £3.50); and Com Saigon £9.50, for example. Also the portion were quite small considering the high prices. Obviously value for money at the SOHO branch is unsatisfactory for people like me who are used to reasonable Kingsland Road prices. Though people seem to love the chain, I don’t think the taste of Cây Tre and other group restaurants is so better than other Vietnamese in Kingsland Road…

But the worst experience of the day was not the price or food, but its service. It was late afternoon and almost empty, as you can see in a photo, but M didn’t get his Phở even after I finished all my food an hour ago. Usually it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to get a bowl of noodles in any places, so obviously the waiter forgot the order. We complained, but no proper apology came back. Also I don’t like that our bill was given inside a fancy paper cover with greasy stains.

I would believe that the best place to eat Vietnamese is the East, after my experience in Cây Tre SOHO…

ポークのグリルに目玉焼きとご飯がついたCom Saigon £9.50/ Com Saigon £9.50: grilled pork and shredded pork fillet, served with a fried egg and rice

薄切り生牛肉ののったフォー £8.50 / Phở with thin sliced raw beef £8.50