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Dieter Rams Exhibition @ Design Museum

デザイン・ミュージアムで、3月9日まで開催中の「Dieter Rams」展を見てきた。ドイツ人プロダクトデザイナーであるDieter Rams(ディーター・ラムス)は、20世紀後半で最も影響力のあるインダストリアルデザイナーの一人に数えられる。ラムスは1955年に独・家電メーカーのブラウン社に入社。1961年にデザインのチーフ・デザイナーに就任し、1998年の定年まで40年以上に渡って500以上の製品をデザイン・監修した。シンプルだけれどもエレガントで、機能的な彼のデザインは、インダストリアルデザインにおける「機能主義」派に分類される。


I saw the Dieter Rams exhibition (until March 09) at the Design Museum. The German product designer Dieter Rams is one of the most influential industrial designers of the late 20th century. Rams joined the German consumer electronics manufacturer Braun in 1955, where he became chief of design in 1961. He had designed and supervised more than 500 products in over 40 years, until his retirement in 1998. His design, simple but elegant and functional, is categorized as the Functionalist school of industrial design. The exhibition presents Rams’ landmark designs for Braun and furniture manufacturer Vitsœ, as well as his influence on today’s design such as products by Apple and Muji.

Rams design is clean, straightforward, and enduring, so we can use it until it gets broken, without getting tired of it. It doesn’t scream out for an attention, and fits to anything, anywhere. This is a model product design. The exhibition space is well organized and nicely designed – it is worth a visit if you like modernism.

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