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Elk in the Woods: Gastropub @ Angel, Islington

ロンドンで近年増えているガストロパブ。ガストロパブとは、イギリスの伝統であるパブ文化とイギリスの食文化を活性化すると言うコンセプトの、美味しい食事を提供するパブで、イギリスで人気を集めている。私たちがよく行くのは、アンティークで有名なエンジェルのカムデン・パッセージにある、Elk in the Woods(「森の中のヘラジカ」の意)。週末ともなれば予約が必要なぐらい混雑する人気店だ。立ち飲みする人たちが多いイギリスのパブにおいて(金曜夜や週末に、外にたくさんの人が溢れ出て、パイントグラス片手にお喋りしているのは、ロンドンの日常の光景)、このElk in the Woodsは着席制。通常のパブと違い、バーカウンターで注文・支払いをするシステムをとっておらず、レストランのように、ウェイター、ウェイトレスがサービスする。使い古された木のテーブルやちょっとキッチュな壁紙、アンティーク風の鏡がたくさん飾られた壁、鹿の頭の剥製や頭蓋骨が飾られた店内は、田舎の別荘のようで、アンティーク店の立ち並ぶカムデン・パッセージによく合っており、妙に落ち着く。


A gastropub (or gastro pub) is a pub specializes in high-quality food, and the concept of a restaurant in a pub reinvigorated both pub culture and British dining. It is growing in number and popularity in London and UK in recent years. One of the gastropub we like is Elk in the Woods on Camden Passage in Angel. This popular gastropub is very crowded on weekends, and reservations are necessary if you want to secure your seats. In Elk in the Woods, everyone sits and the service is offered at the table, in contrast to a usual pub where you order and pay at the counter, and where people are standing up and chatting with a pint glass on their hands inside or outside (it is an everyday scene of London). The interior with well-used wooden tables, kitsch wallpapers, walls covered with antique mirrors and deer head and skulls, is like a tasteful and comfy English country lodge, and matches with the atmosphere of Camden Passage, famous with its antique stores and markets.

The menu, based on good old British food with a Mediterranean touch, includes breakfasts, sandwiches, smalls, mains, side dishes, and puddings. But it’s OK as well just to have a drink (non-alcohol like coffee or tea, or alcoholic drinks) too. What we always order for our lunch is “char-grilled chicken and bacon, mayonnaise, baby gherkin, greens, and tomato in ciabatta sandwich” (sounds pretty long, but that’s the name on the menu). I have to eat this dish with a knife and a fork, as it is too big for my mouth to squash in (but M has a big mouth and can eat with his hands). The combination of juicy chicken and bacon and fresh vegetables in crispy toasted ciabatta was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture of it… But the empty plates should be appreciated too! We also enjoy looking at the antique plates with different designs and sizes, every time after we finish our meals.


UPDATE: I went again, and took a picture of the sandwich!

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