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Booming in the Bust

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昨日のThe Sunday Times Magazine(英新聞タイムズの日曜版The Sunday Timesの付録雑誌)の記事、Booming in the Bust(不況の中でのブーム)は、この不況の中、売り上げを伸ばしているビジネスを取りあげているが、今業績を伸ばしている商品にはイギリス人のライフスタイルの変化が示唆されていて、なかなか面白い。主なものは以下の通り。

  • イギリス国内で安価なホリデーを提供する会社Butlinsの売上げが15%アップ(ポンド安と不況の影響で、海外でのバケーションが減少)
  • Bird’s CustardFray Bentosのパイ等イギリスの伝統的な食べ物や、甘いものの売上げアップ(ストレスのせい?)
  • 車の売り上げが落ち、部品の売上げ35%アップ(車を買い替えるのではなく、修理して長持ちさせる)
  • 映画や芝居の売上げが、それぞれ7.5%、29%アップ(日常生活からの逃避?)
  • 恋愛・結婚マッチングサイトMatch.comの加入者が35%増加(不安の多いご時世にはそばに誰かいてほしい?)
  • DVDレンタル会社Lovefilm.comのメンバー加入が20%アップ(外出を控え、家で過ごす人が増えた)
  • イギリスのコンドーム会社Durexの「Play」ブランド(ルブリカント/潤滑剤や大人のおもちゃ等含む)の売り上げ17%増加

After 2 months of absence, finally I settled back in London and started my blog entry again.

An article in yesterday’s The Sunday Times Magazine, ‘Booming in the Bust‘, picked up the booming businesses in the credit crunch. These businesses suggest Bris’ lifestyle changes and it is pretty interesting. The main businesses are as follows.

  • Rediscovering the great British holiday camp: Butlins (the company provides economical holidays in UK and Ireland)’ bookings are up 15% on last year (many Brits cannot afford vacation abroad due to weak pound and credit crunch)
  • Relishing good old-fashioned comfort food: Bird’s Custard sales are up 17% and Fray Bentos steak-and-mushroom pies 42%
  • Buying fewer cars, and keeping the old ones going for longer: car sales are down 24% and spending on spare parts is up 35%
  • Developing a sweeter tooth: British spent £2.6 billion on sweets and sugary snacks from October to December 2008, an 8.1% increase
  • Looking for love: the online dating site Match.com has seen a 35% increase in new sign-ups
  • Enjoying escapism: cinema attendance figures are up 7.5%
  • Craving culture: over the second quarter of this year, takings from London plays were up 29%
  • Staying in: the online DVD rental company Lovefilm.com has seen its membership increase by 20% over the past six months
  • Durex Play range, which includes lubricants and sex toys, is up 17.1%
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G20 demonstration @ London

G20 demonstrationG20 demonstration


用事があったのでリバプール・ストリート(Liverpool Street)駅の近く、ビショップスゲート(Bishopsgate)を歩いていたら、「Climate Camp」と呼ばれるデモに出くわした。環境保護を訴えるこのグループは、テント持参で明日のG20サミットに備えるらしい。ヒッピー風の若者が多く、ビールやワインを飲んだり、おしゃべりに興じたり、音楽を流して踊ったりと、デモというよりストリート・フェスティバルのような趣きで、警備の警官たちもあまり緊張感がなかった。もっと写真を見たい方はここをクリックして下さい。


A day before the G20 summit in London, protesters with different slogans, such as anti-capitalism, anti-globalization, anti-war, and fight against climate change etc, gathered in several locations in London today, such as London’s financial center the City, Canary Wharf, and Docklands. This ‘Financial Fools Day‘ demonstration, named after April Fool Day today, radical protesters turned violent and some broke into a branch of the part-nationalized Royal Bank of Scotland. According to Sky News, at least 32 people were arrested and one died. It sounds scary if you read these news, but the protesters were confined to certain areas only and most areas of London was as usual, except police cars went through with siren every now and then.

I happened to walk down on Bishops gate near Liverpool Street Station today, and encountered ‘Climate Camp’, which is a group of activists against climate change. The protesters, most of them are hippyish young people, set up tents to stay over night on the street for tomorrow’s summit, and the ‘camp’ looked more like a street festival than a demonstration — people were drinking beer and wine, chatting, and dancing with the music. The policemen for security, seemed bored for this peaceful demonstration. If you want to see more photos please click here.

The demonstration today was sort of a manifestation of the people’s anger against the banks and bankers. Although they are the one who caused this credit crunch, and the tax money was used to help these failing banks, some bankers are still getting fat bonuses — this caused an outrage among people who are saving pennies to survive. According to the banks, they will loose the top bankers if you don’t pay them well, in the financial industry where high salary is a norm. However, this reasoning doesn’t persuade people in other industries who are fearful of loosing jobs and decreasing pay. The bankers were recommended to wear casual clothes or to work at home today, in order to avoid an attack by angry protesters. Today the City, always busy wit business people in dark suits, was occupied by protesters and many areas were deserted.

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Newspaper Ad for Mortgage Payment Advice by Directgov


最近の信用収縮(英語はCredit Crunch)の影響で、イギリスでも住宅ローン(mortgage)の返済に苦しんでいる人が増えている。近年の好景気で不動産ブームが起こり、1995年から年間10%から11%と、過去にないペースで不動産価格が上昇した。イギリスでは地震が滅多になく、古い家や建物が人気があり、改装も当たり前。日本のように新築物件のほうが良いという感覚はない。小さい物件から始まって、値上がりしたら売り、その売却益を元により大きな住宅を買うというプロセスを繰り返す人(Property Ladder:不動産市場のはしごを上がって行くというイメージ)も多い。たくさんの人がブームに便乗し、ローンを組んで住宅を購入したが、何らかの事情によりローン支払いが出来ない人が増え、また2007年から不動産市場が悪化したため、家を売ってローン支払いに充てることも出来ず、差し押さえ物件も急増している。そのため、イギリス政府が国民への情報とサービスを提供するために解説したウェブサイトDirectgovでは、住宅ローン支払いに困った人に対するアドバイスを行っている。上記イメージは、1月14日付の新聞広告。シリアスな内容なのに、愛嬌のある犬のデザインが可愛い広告です。

Due to the credit crunch, in the UK more people are struggling to pay back their housing mortgages. The recent economic boom in UK created the ‘housing boom’, and therefore the housing price went up, at the fastest rate, of around 10% annually , since 1995. Earthquakes are rare in the UK, and historic buildings and houses are in high demand and renovation is a common practice, unlike the unpopularity of second-hand houses in Japan. Many people tried to get on the property ladder, and got houses/flats with mortgages during the boom. However, due to the credit crunch and the fall of real estate market, more and more homeowners have difficulty to pay the mortgage, and the repossession of the property is soaring up. The image above is a newspaper ad from the government website Directgov, offering an advice on mortgage payments. The contrast with the serious message and the cute dog design is interesting.

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