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John Baldessari: Pure Beauty @ Tate Modern

John Baldessari: Pure BeautyJohn Baldessari: Pure Beauty

アメリカ人コンセプチュアル・アーティスト(概念芸術家)、ジョン・バルデッサリJohn Baldessari)の回顧展「Pure Beauty」が、テート・モダンで開催中だ(2009年10月13日〜2010年1月10日)。



An American conceptual artist John Baldessari‘s retrospective “Pure Beauty” is currently open at Tate Modern (13 Oct. 2009  –  10 Jan. 2010).

Making his name as a pioneer of conceptual art in the 1960s with his text and image paintings, California-born Baldessari shocked the art world when he announced in a newspaper that he was ‘cremating’ all his artworks of 1953 – 66. Then he turned his attention to photographic works, often incorporating found film stills and dumped material from which he created photo-compositions. Baldessari often juxtaposes text with images, deriving from his interest in ‘language,’ both written and visual. As an age of 78,Baldessari still produces new works, and he received the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale this year together with Yoko Ono. His works has big influence on other artists such as Cindy Sherman, David Salle, and Barbara Kruger.

Baldessari’s works remind me of some graphic works by “Swiss Style” designers, including Josef Müller-Brockmann and Max Bill – two of my favorite graphic designers. I’ve never heard of him before this exhibition, embarrassed to say, but I became a a fan of his simple and bold, often colorful and witty works!

John Baldessari: Pure Beauty

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