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Design Real @ Serpentine Gallery

Design Real(デザイン・リアル)」は、サーペンタイン・ギャラリー初のデザインをテーマにした展覧会。ドイツ人プロダクト・デザイナーKonstantin Grcicコンスタンチン・グルチッチ)に展覧会のオーガナイズを依頼、この10年間に大量生産された、日常生活の中で使用されている、「リアル」で実用性のある、優れたデザインの製品43点が集められた。家具や家庭用品から技術的製品・産業機器までを網羅した展示品43点のうち、深澤直人加湿器安積伸メガフォン京セラのナイフDaiwaのルアー、タタメット、ヤマハのEZ-TP、三宅一生のA-POCの7点が日本の製品だ。

これらのアイテムの配置・展示方法も、グルチッチが担当。デザイナーらしい、ユニークな展示も特徴だ。通常の展覧会と異なり、展示品には、椅子、ベッド、ほうき等のカテゴリー以外、商品名を含めていっさい説明はない。展示品について知りたければ、無料展示ガイド(下の写真の「Design Real」と書いてある紙の裏)の作品リストの他、ベンチ代わりとなる砂袋が円形に積まれたギャラリー中央の部屋に設置されたアマゾン・キンドル(電子ブックリーダー)から、展覧会専用のウェブサイトwww.design-real.comにアクセスすれば、詳細を知ることができる。


Design Real is the Serpentine Gallery’s first exhibition dedicated to design. The gallery invited German product designer Konstantin Grcic to curate this exhibition of contemporary product design. The exhibition presents a total of 43 ‘real’ items produced in the last decade: a wide range of mass-produced products that have a practical function in everyday life, from furniture and household products to technical and industrial innovations.

Grcic was also in charge of the gallery space and his unique exhibition style is worth to mention. There is no information about the product whatsoever except its category, such as chair, broom, and bed, – no product name, no explanation, nothing. If you want to know more than that, a piece of free exhibition information (printed “Design Real” in the photo below) can give you very basic information such as product name, designer, manufacturer, or you can access its dedicated internet site www.design-real.com via Amazon Kindles, sitting on the sandbags piling up in circle in the dark room in the center of the gallery.

The concept of exhibition, to focus on the design of everyday life objects maybe groundbreaking for an art gallery, but it is common project that place like Design Museum would plan or have planned already, and nothing new to the design world. Though Serpentine is a small gallery but still only 43 items barely fill up the space and we were like “that’s it??” after we saw everything –a large design shop may do a better job than this exhibition. Maybe they should have focused on one category instead of presenting so many categories of products: for example, to show 43 well-designed chairs from all over the world would be more impressing. However, I have to admit that their website is well-done – black and white simple but sophisticated interface design, and its abundant information about the items, manufacturers, designs, histories are well worth to take time to explore.

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