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Public Sector National Strike, November 30. 2011

世界中で報道されているように、イギリスは今日、教師、医師を含む病院職員など、29の労働組合員最大200万人!が参加という、大規模な公務員24時間ストの話題で盛り上がっている。政府は緊縮政策の一環で、「pay more / work longer / get less(税金アップ、定年年齢引き上げ、年金額減額)」という公務員年金改革を予定しており、それに組合が激怒したわけで、ここ何十年で最大規模になるそう。ロンドン中心部でも正午から夕方5時までデモが行われた。予想されたより混乱は少なく、予定されていた手術3万件のうち7000件がキャンセル、ロンドンの主な2空港もほぼ正常通りだったそう。それでも多少の混乱は避けられず、公立学校の3分の2が休校、ロンドンの999通報(イギリスの警察・救急・消防の緊急通報用番号)はアクセスが難しい状況らしい。

キャメロン首相は、このストを「something of a dump squib」(湿った花火のようなもの=不発)と呼び、政府の方針を変える予定はないみたいので、これからも組合のストは続く恐れあり。でも公務員は盛り上がっているけれど、一般人は、それでも民間に比べて公務員は恵まれた待遇にいると、少し冷めた目で見ているよう。それにしても教員は12週間も有給休暇があるって本当??

参考サイト:BBC / Telegraph / the Guardian / Daily Mail

As reported around the globe, today’s hot topic in UK is public sector strike, joined by up to 2 million workers! from 29 unions, including teachers and NHS healthcare workers. As a part of government’s austerity measure, public workers will face “pay more, work longer, and get less ” pension reform, and this policy obviously upsets unions and has urged public sector workers to the biggest strike in few decades. There was a big rally in central London from mid day to 5pm today. However, the disruption seems to be less than expected – for example, a little fewer than 7,000 of around 30,000 routine operations have been cancelled  and London’s two main airports are said to be largely unaffected with only a few cancellations. But still two third of state schools are closed, and London’s ambulance service is struggling to take up 999 calls (UK’s emergency telephone number). Be careful not to get injured or sick today if you are in UK!

Prime Minister David Cameron called this action as “something of a dump squib” and doesn’t seem to have any intention to change the plan – therefore further strikes may be expected to come. In contrast to the enthusiasm of public sector workers, general public doesn’t seems to share the same level of passion about this, as they believe that pension scheme of public sector still better than private sector. By the way, is it true that teachers enjoy 12-week paid holidays??