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100% Design 2012 @ Earl’s Court

毎年恒例、London Design Festival(ロンドン・デザイン・フェスティバル)の一環で開催される100%Design展(参考:2009年 / 2010年)。もう5回ほど行ってるので、マンネリ感は否めないけれど、Yo! Sushiヨー!スシ)やYOtelの創始者・Simon Woodroffe(サイモン・ウッドロフ)の新しいプロジェクト、Yo! Homeが出展するというので、2年ぶりに行ってきた。

I have been to 100%Design (see also 2009 / 2010), a part of annual London Design Festival currently running, about five times by now, and I am a bit sick of it. But this year, I went to see the design convention after 2 years because Yo! Home is there – a new project of Simon Woodroffe, a founder of Yo! Sushi and YOtel.

メディアでも取り上げられたせいか、Yo! Homeのブース前はデモンストレーションを待つ人々の列 / There was a queue to get in the booth of Yo! Home to see a demonstration, because media wrote about it

ワンベッドルームアパートメントの平均サイズという、限られたスペースを活かす工夫が満載。寝室の床が天井に上がり、リビングルームになる / There was a full of idea to maximize the limited space of a typical one bed room apartment. Bedroom floor goes up and a living room appears.

壁に備え付けられた机は、来客用ベッドルームに早変わり / Work table attached to the wall turns to be a guest bunk bed

床下には、日本を愛するサイモンのアイデアの掘りごたつ式テーブル / “Japanese style” table under the floor

その隣には床下収納スペース / Under-floor storage

クラーケンウェルのミシュラン星付きレストラン、North Roadも出店 / Michelin-star restaurant in Clerkenwell, North Road

セミナースペース / Seminar space


Olympic Women’s Volleyball Preliminary Round @ Earl’s Court




My Olympic experience No.3 was volleyball preliminary games (Japan vs UK, Italy vs Russia) at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. The venue is just in front of the west exit but we had to walk from the east exit quite a while on the day, as the east side was exit only and west side was entrance only to avoid the chaos. We went to Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre several times for 100% Design (past entries: 2009 / 2010). The place is like a huge tasteless warehouse with concrete floors and a bit dark, but it was quite lively with lots of spectators.

Atmosphere inside was full of enthusiasm as British team competed on the first game. The guy with microphone was busy cheering up the audience by talking excitedly and let people who were showed on screen to beat illustrated drums appeared on the screen. Cheerleaders were dancing with the loud music during the timeouts or in-between sets. So much noise all through the games! I understand that they tried to do anything to entertain the people, but it was too much. Now I am sick of Queen‘s “We Will Rock You“, which has been played repeatedly in all Olympic venues…

This day, Japan beat UK 2-0 on the first game and Russia won with 3-2 to Italy on the second. The game of Russia and Italy was heated up for full-sets and was very exciting, but M got bored while watching the first game – I was happy that Japan won, but I wished UK played a bit better…

Graham & Brown Advertising Campaign @ Earl’s Court Tube Station

壁紙やペンキ、キャンバス・アートなどのウォール・アートを扱う会社、Graham & BrownがEarl’s Court(アールズ・コート)駅のここかしこに張り巡らした広告キャンペーン。アールズ・コート展示センターで日曜日まで開催されていた、100%Designにもブースを構えていたから(写真)、その相乗効果を狙ったのだろう。自社の壁紙で、ストーン・ヘンジや衛兵、ティーカップなど、イギリスにまつわるものを包んだデザインがなかなか素敵。

An advertising campaign that is put up all over the Earl’s Court tube station by Graham & Brown, a British company that deals with wall decoration such as wallpaper, wall paint and wall art. The company had its booth at 100%Design that ended on last Sunday (photo), so I guess that it aimed to maximize the effect of advertisement. The design,which wraps typical British stuffs with the colorful wallpapers, is very cute.

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100% Design London @ Earl’s Court

100% Design London

今日は、100% Design Londonの初日。100% Designとは、コンテンポラリー・インテリアと建築の国際見本市。9月19日〜26日まで開催中の、London Design Festival(ロンドン・デザイン・フェスティバル)の一環。1995年にロンドンのキングスロード沿いに設営された小さなテントでスタートし、今では世界でもっとも影響力をもつトレードショーの一つに成長した。現在は、ロンドンの他に、東京上海でも開催されている。100% Design Londonは毎年、アールズ・コート展示センターで開催されており、27日(日)の一般公開に先駆け、木〜土曜日は業界やメディア関係者のみが入場できる(学生は土・日入場可)。といっても、招待制ではなくて登録はウェブ上での自己申告制なので、結構誰でも登録できたりする。事前に登録しておけば、入場料は無料だ。100% Designは、コアのインテリア見本市である100% Design、革新的で持続可能な建築資材を扱う100% Detail, 最先端の素材を展示する100% Materials、そして若手デザイナーの作品を紹介する100% Futuresと、4つのセクションに分かれている。

100% Designには過去2〜3回行ったが、少し無秩序な感は否めない。トレンドを取り入れた、見ていて楽しい製品も多いのだが、巨大なコンベンションセンターに、出展者を無造作に放り込んだ感じで、高級そうな家具やインテリアからカジュアルなものまで一緒くた。また壁紙の横に照明、その横に家具のブースと、今いち系統だって展示されていない。また厳密には、私たちは商売相手を捜しに行くと言う意味での業界関係者ではないので、いろいろじっくり見たくても、出展者の方々に話しかけられるのが怖くて、そそくさと通り過ぎてしまう。別館の100% Futuresは、照明が薄暗く、広いスペースの割に出展が少なくて、少し寂しい感じだった。一番盛況なのは、出展と全く関係のない、ドリンクを供するバーエリア。飲んべえの国イギリスらしい。

Today was the first day of 100% Design London. 100% Design is the architecture and design event showcasing everything for the modern building and interior, and a part of London Design Festival opening from September 19 – 26. Starting with a small ‘tent’ on King’s Road in 1995, 100% Design has grown as one of the most influential interior and architecture trade show in the world. Outside London, there are also the same name events in Tokyo and Shanghai. 100% Design London is annually held at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, and it is open to trade and media from Thursday and to public on Sunday only (Students can attend on Saturday and Sunday). The show is not invitations only, and you can register online. The definitions of “trade and media” is a bit broader than you think, and you can attend the show as long as you are related to interior, architecture, or design in some way. If you registered before certain date, you can attend the show free if you are in a category of “trade and media”. 100% Design London features interiors show 100% Design, innovative and sustainable architectural products event 100% Detail, cutting-edge materials exhibition 100% Materials and emerging talent showcase 100% Futures.

We went to 100% Design two or three times. I enjoyed looking at new interior designs with latest trend, but I can’t deny the idea that the show is a bit disorderly – it is like they put all exhibitors in a huge building without clear order. Something like a furniture booth next to lighting, or exhibitors of wallpaper and small objects side by side. In addition, strictly saying, we are ‘trade’ who came to look for a trade partners, therefore, we were kind of fast to go through even though we wanted to see carefully, so that we didn’t get caught by exhibitors. 100% Futures in adjacent building looked sad as not enough exhibitors to fill up the vast space with dim light. The most lively booth was the bar counter – it is pretty typical in UK.

100% Design London100% Design London

そして、100% Designの後は、V&Aで開かれたロンドン・デザイン・フェスティバルのカクテル・パーティへ。DJブースが併設された館内は、協賛のヴーヴ・クリコのシャンパンやカクテル、カナッペがゲストに振る舞われ、デザインやアート関係者でごったがえしていた。ライトアップされたV&Aの中庭は、とても幻想的で素敵。デザイン関係のパーティらしく、カラフルな椅子を組み合わせてアーチ状にしたオブジェが気が利いている。

After 100% Design, the next destination was London Design Festival party at V&A. The party with funky DJ and generous Veuve Clicquot champaign and canapés was full of design and art people. The courtyard was lit up and quite atmospheric. The crossed arches in the centre of the garden were made of colorful chairs – pretty ‘designy’.

V&A Party

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