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Salt Espresso Lunch & Tea Bar @ Great Queens Street

ちょっとブログから離れていた間に、また新しいカフェが増殖している。昨日書いたCafé Gourmandもそうだし、Holborn駅から徒歩数分のところにできた、この「Espresso Lunch & Tea Bar」を謳うSalt(ソルト)もそう。

Fernandez & WellsLantanaKaffeineなどロンドンの人気カフェを手がけたという、William Tozer architecture & designによるシンプルで落ち着きがある今風のインテリアは、上記3店の姉妹店かと思うほど雰囲気が似ている。白木のテーブルや椅子は、Nude Espressoなど、これまたトレンディなカフェでよく見かける、廃材を利用して作られた、お洒落だけれど座り心地は今イチな、East London Furnitureのもの(写真)。

ロンドンの人気カフェの黄金律にのっとり、外観のみならず、食材にもこだわる。コーヒーはSquare Mile Roasters、紅茶はWaterloo Tea、牛乳はThe Ladies Organicから仕入れ、オーナーがSeven Seededというベーカリーも経営しているだけあってパンも美味しい。今日注文したタイ・グリーンカレー風のスープ、サラミとチーズのサンドイッチは、素材はいいんだけど、全体的にはもう少しパンチが欲しいところ。カフェを出る時まで美味しそうに焼き上がったバナナブレッドに気づかず、食べられなかったのが少し心残り。

34 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5AA
t. 0207 430 0335
Mon-Fri 7.30 am – 7.30 pm / Sat 10 am – 7.30 pm / Sun 10 am – 5pm

While my break from blogging, some nice cafés popped up and are on my wish list to try; Café Gourmand as I wrote yesterday is one of them, and also “Espresso Lunch & Tea Bar” Salt, few minutes walk from Holborn station.

Its simple and chic interior corresponds to the London’s recent trend, and it was done by William Tozer architecture & design, who in charge of other popular cafés such as Fernandez & WellsLantana, and Kaffeine. In fact, the look is quite similar to other three as if it is under the same chain. East London Furniture‘s good-looking but not-so-comfortable tables and chairs (photos), made out of waste materials, are also often seen in other top cafés such as Nude Espresso.

Not only its appearance, Salt also follows golden rules of successful cafés – quality of food & drink. A list of reputed suppliers includes: Square Mile Roasters for coffee; Waterloo Tea for tea; and the Ladies Organic for milk.Bread is also very good, as the owners also run an artisan bakery, Seven Seeded. We ordered Thai green curry style soup and sandwich with salami and cheese. The ingredients were fresh and fine, but the finished dishes needed a bit of an extra punch to its taste. My regret is not having their banana bread – I didn’t notice it until I was about to leave!