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Lupita Mexican Restaurant @ Strand / Charing Cross

ロンドンにおけるメキシコ料理人気はまだ続いているみたい。StrandのCharing Cross駅とEmbankment駅を結ぶVilliers Streetに最近開店した、メキシカン・レストランLupitaに行った。ロンドンにあるメキシコ料理店は、メキシコ人のオーナーによるものが少ないんだけれど、このお店は、メキシコシティで45年以上の歴史を持つ人気レストラン、El Farolito taqueríaが手がけた、本物のメキシカン。インテリアは、ダークウッドの座席と白い壁、ダークレッドのメタル・テーブルでまとめられ、シックな感じ。店内ではスペイン語が行き交い、入口近くのカウンター内では、スタッフが横長の鉄板の上で調理している。



Mexican food fever is still here in London! We went to a recently opened Mexican restaurant Lupita on Villiers Street, connecting Charing Cross and Embankment tube stations in Strand. Many of Mexican restaurants in London are not of Mexican ownership, but Lupita is an authentic ‘Mexican’, opened by Mexicans from a popular restaurant with over 45 years’ history, El Farolito taquería in Mexico City. Its interior is chic with dark wood benches, white walls, and dark red metal tables. The restaurant was filled with Spanish words and phrases, and staffs were cooking on a long hot plate inside the counter, near the entrance.

Burrito at Lupita is not like the huge one wrapped with aluminum foil at fast food Mexican in London (see my past entry), but is served sophisticatedly on a  ceramic plate with knife and folk. The price is quite reasonable, around the same price with fast food counterparts, and is a great deal with its restaurant quality service. I ate it with a little bit of spicy sauce, salsa, and guacamole placed at the table, though there was no explanation and I was not sure if it was appropriate or not. It was delicious with crispy wrap and juicy filling.

But their espresso was awful. A friendly waitress with a nose pierce remorsefully explained that she had never had espresso and didn’t even know if she did it right. We wished we could say, “look, if you don’t know how to make it, ASK someone before you make it!!,” but we were chickens and couldn’t say anything…


Chic toilet with funny guy clinging onto the wall.

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