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Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising @ Notting Hill

ノッティング・ヒルにあるMuseum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising(ブランド・パッケージ・広告博物館)に行った。この博物館には、ビクトリア朝から現代まで、Robert Opie Collection(ロバート・オピー・コレクション)所蔵の日用品や食料品等1万2,000点以上の品物が展示されている。



I went to the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in Notting Hill. This tiny museum features over 12,000 original household products and food package, from Victorian times to the present day, from the Robert Opie Collection.

Mr. Opie started to gather contemporary packaging from cereal boxes to cigarette packs, when he was 16 in 1963. Since then the collection has expanded and now  contains over 500,000 items – not only packaging but also anything seen in everyday life; bottles, labels, signs, promotional and advertising material as well as toys, games, travel, transport, leisure, entertainment, comics magazines, newspapers, souvenirs, and ephemera such as postcards, song sheets, posters and brochures. By walking thorough the exhibition rooms in chronological order, you can observe daily life in Britain and its change over decades.

Impressive collection that make even a foreigner like me nostalgic, but the museum is so stuffy – too much things in such a tiny and dark space. I felt a bit dizzy and claustrophobic at the end… I wish I can see those items up close in more relaxing and generous space!

エリザベス女王のダイアモンド・ジュビリー(戴冠60周年)記念商品の数々 / Queen’s Diamond Jubilee products