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Open House London Weekend

Open House Londonは、一般の人々の建築に対する理解を深めることを目的とした団体。1992年以来毎年、通常9月の第三週末に、個人宅や建築家のスタジオから政府施設、歴史的建造物まで、ロンドンにある700以上の様々な建築物を無料で見学できる2日間のイベント・Open House Londonを開催しており、今年は、先週末の9月17&18日に行われた。これは、ヨーロッパ各地で開催されるイベント・European Heritage DaysJournées Européennes du Patrimoine:ヨーロッパ文化遺産の日)の一環で、期間中は、建物内の見学だけでなく、特別イベント、建築家のトークやガイド付きツアーなどを行うところもある。



This year’s Open House London event took place on last weekend, September 17 & 18. Open House London is an organisation which promotes appreciation of architecture by the general public. Since 1992, every year, usually held on the third weekend in September, the organisation hosts a two-day event known for Open House Weekend in which over 700 buildings with architectural significance in London, from small private houses and modern architects’ studios to government’s buildings and historic palaces, opens their doors to public, including special events, neighbourhood walks, architects’ talks and guided tours and more for free of charge. This event is a London version of the Europe-wide event of European Heritage Days (Journées Européennes du Patrimoine).

The concept is great, but we are kind of lost and always give up visiting anywhere, after we saw few places in our neighborhood on the first year of living in London… Some years I grabbed the program (photo above) from a brochure rack  somewhere for free, but it seems to be for sale with £6.50 price tag printed on the back, or digital edition for £3.50 online. However, the information is frustratingly hard to understand. Listings are ordered by borough or area, but there is no map but just address and nearest stations – so I have to check on google map for hours to plan a route. Also there are a small paragraph of information about each place but very few photos, so I have to go online for the images and further details. That’s a lot of work, unless you have a wealth of knowledge in architecture or are very passionate for architecture. Even If you did a thorough research, you have to go early in the morning or to be on a long queue for hours, if you want to visit the famous buildings. Some cases admission is by advance booking only and the popular sites are booked very fast like a lightening.

According to my friend, the morning train of the weekend is packed of people, enthusiastically reading the program. I like the architecture but I don’t have enough passion to go through these trouble…


The building we just happened to pass by. We thought to visit inside but we gave up as the architect’s talk already started and the small room was full with people seriously listening. Surprisingly even this small building, looking nothing special, in the middle of nowhere attracted many people.