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Christmas decoration @ Carluccio’s Cafe


1999年にオープンしたCarluccio’sは、イタリア出身のシェフで食のエキスパートでもある、Antonio Carluccio(アントニオ・カルルッチョ)とその妻でサー・テレンス・コンランの妹、Priscilla(プリシラ)が手がけた、フードショップ併設のイタリアンレストランのチェーンで、全国に40店以上展開している。カラフルな店内は明るくていいんだけれど、インテリアが少し時代遅れで、ちょっとファミレスっぽいかも。チェーンだからというわけではないけれど、味はまあ普通。自分的には、すごく美味しいという程ではないけれど、イタリアンが食べたい時に、近くに目ぼしいレストランがなければ行くところ、という位置づけかな。今日は、シチリア風アランチーニイタリア風ライスコロッケ)を食べたけれど、味があまりなく、添えられいていたpepolataソース(赤ピーマンのソース)も不味かった。でも、パスタはまあまあいける。Penne alla Luganica (ペンネのスパイシー・イタリアン・ソーセージのソース和え)はなかなか美味しかったそうだ。食後のドリンクは、Cioccolata Fiorentina(チョッコラータ・フィオレンティーナ)。これはエスプレッソ用のデミタスに入ったドロドロのホットチョコレートで、かなり濃い。でも。ちょっと甘い物が食べたいけれど、ケーキまではちょっと、という時には、ちょうどいいかも。Mは、Carluccio’sはイタリアンらしからず、エスプレッソが今イチなのが不満だそうだ。


Since the month turned to November, you see the Christmas decoration all over the city – it makes me realize how fast time passes and makes me feeling a bit blue. Carluccio’s, where we had lunch today, also stacked up Christmas products such as Panettone and Pandoro on the store windows. This years’ Carluccio’s Christmas packages are sophisticatedly designed with traditional motif with modern touch. These products are also used as a decoration in the restaurant area and it looks fine, as the package design is pretty nice.

Carluccio’s is a British chain of Italian restaurants with integrated food shops, and operates in over 40 locations nationwide. The chain was founded in 1999 by Italian chef and food expert Antonio Carluccio and his wife Priscilla, who is a younger sister of Sir Terence Conran. The interior of the restaurant is colorful but a bit out of date and not the hippest place in town, and smells like a chain, like Starbucks. It is not a Michelin star restaurant and their food is OK, but we go once in a while when there is no decent restaurant around and we feel like Italian. Today I ordered Arancini di riso Siciliani (Sicilian style rice balls), but it had no taste and its red pepper sauce tasted bad. But their pastas are better, according to M. M’s Penne alla Luganica with spicy Italian sausage sauce was not bad at all. Cioccolata Fiorentina (thick hot chocolate served in an espresso cup) after the meal was good. It is perfect when you want something sweet but don’t want to have a big cake. M complained that their espresso is up to scratch for Italian standard.

It was said that Mr. Carluccio was suffering from depression. It was reported that he stabbed himself in the chest with a kitchen knife in September 2008, and has since admitted himself in to the psychiatric hospital in London. He is now 72 years old and it may be a good idea for him to retire and come back to his home country Italy for his sake – it may not help to stay in London with this depressive weather…

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A day trip to Guildford / Surrey / England

Abbot's Hospital GuildfordGuildford Castle

昨日の続き。Claremont Landscape GardenHatchlands Parkで自然を堪能した後は、ギルドフォード(Guildford)へ。イングランド南東部に位置する、サリーの丘陵地帯にある歴史ある街・ギルドフォードは、ロンドンから車で約1時間。その立地と交通の便の良さから昔から交通の要所で、ロンドンとポーツマスの港を結ぶ重要な中継地だった。町を流れるウェイ川は、英国初の航海可能な川として認定されている。Abbot’s Hospitalギルドフォード城(上の写真)等の歴史的建造物や、ナショナル・トラストの保護下にあるウェイ川等の見所もあるが、街自身は特に特色がない。これはイギリスの地方都市に共通する事だが、全国的なチェーン店(銀行、薬局、ファッション、レストラン、カフェの何もかも)が街の中心を席巻していて、どこに行っても同じに見えるのだ。だからイギリス旅行をするなら、都市部より田舎がお薦め。イングランド地方は高い山がなく、なだらかな丘陵地帯が広がり、時に羊や牛が草を食むのどかな田園風景は、ドライブしていてもとても気持ちがいい。


Continued from yesterday. After we enjoyed the nature at Claremont Landscape Garden and Hatchlands Park, we moved on to Guildford. Guildford, situated on rolling hills of the Surrey in the south east England, has been historically important place with its location and excellent transport links, and later became an essential staging post to connect the capital London and the coastal port town Portsmouth. The River Wey, which runs through the centre of town, was one of the first rivers to be made navigable. The main sightseeing spots are historical buildings such as Abbot’s Hospital and Guildford castle, and the River Wey which is a property of National Trust, but the town itself is nothing special. This also applies to any other British cities, the chains (banks, pharmacies, fashion stores, restaurant, cafe, and everything) take over the center of the town, and any cities you go look all the same more or less. Therefore, in UK, I would recommend to travel countryside and avoid cities. There is no high mountains in England, and you can enjoy a beautiful scenery of countryside with rolling hills and sheep and cows spotted here and there.

Most of the shops in Guildford close at/before 6pm. It was a shame that the town centre looked a bit like a ghost town, in spite of the long summer day time. Moreover, there was no place where we could fill our stomachs after long walks in the parks – cafes were closed, and many of the restaurants were chains that you see everywhere in the nation. We didn’t even see a British national food, fish&chips shop! We almost gave up our hope but found the perfect place at the end, just in front of the castle parking. It was a cute Greek fastfood Gyros shop, Gyros-Gyros, owned by friendly Greeks, and the Gyro sandwich was the BEST kebab we ever had in UK! The meat was juicy but not greasy, and ingredients were fresh. There are a lot of kebab shops in London, whose kebabs are usually too greasy and don’t seem to be healthy, but I’ve never see a Gyros shop. If Gyros-Gyros is in our neighborhood, we definitely would become regular customers.

Gyros-Gyros Guildford

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Burrito @ Tortilla, Southbank Mix


最近、ロンドンでは、メキシコ料理のファーストフード、Burritoブリート)が人気だ。チキン、ビーフ、ライス・豆類、野菜類と、カウンターで好きな具をオーダーして、目の前トルティーヤに包んでくれる、ファーストフードスタイルがの店が多い。ピザ、ハンバーガー、寿司などと同様に、手軽にお腹を満たせるのが、新しい物好きで忙しいロンドンナーに人気の理由か。ブリート大好きMと、ロンドンで試したブリートは、Mucho MasBenito’s HatEl BurritoChilangoTortillaMexicaliWahaca等々。写真はテート・モダン近くの、Southbank MixにあるTortillaのもの。残念ながら、ブリートのメッカのアメリカはニューヨークで6年間を過ごした私たちがうなるほどのブリートはあまりない。トラファルガー広場に近いWahacaは、広々とした、キッチュでカラフルな店内で、お味もまあまあだが、席に座ってウェイターを待つスタイルなのが、私たちにとってはちょっと難点。私のお気に入りは、あまり知られていないが、Goswell Roadにある、Comida MexicanaのGround Beef Burrito。ぱりっとしたトルティーヤにジューシーな牛挽肉とほかほかの黒豆と共に、トマトサルサ、スパイシーソース、サワークリームの3種類のソースが出てくる。ブルガリア人が経営する、イタリアン、メキシカン、サンドイッチ等、なんでもありの不思議なお店で、家の近くなので偶然通りかかって発見した。正直、他のメニューはあまり美味しそうじゃないけれど、このブリートはお薦め。

Recently Mexican fast food Burrito is becoming popular in London.  The most common way here is that you choose what you like (chicken, beef, rice, beans, vegetables etc) at the counter, and they can wrap them in Tortilla in front of you. The reason of its popularity is probably because you can order and eat quickly, like pizza, hamburger and sushi – perfect for busy Londoners who like something new. I tried many burrito with big burrito-fan M at Mucho Mas, Benito’s Hat, El Burrito, Chilango, Tortilla, Mexicali, Wahaca etc. The photos are of the Tortilla at Southbank Mix, next Tate Modern. However, not many burrito woe us, who spent 6 year in New York (M spent almost half of his life in the US), where burrito is one of their national food. We like Wahaca, spacious and colorful restaurant near Trafalger Square, and their decent Mexican food, but you have to sit down and wait for the waiter at the table. My favorite one is a ground beef burrito at Comida Mexicana on Goswell Road- crispy tortilla with juicy ground beef and hot black beans, served with salsa, spicy sauce, and sour cream. We found the place when we were passing by, since it was nearby our flat. The Comida Mexicana is a sort of strange place, owned by Bulgarian, serves all kind of food like Italian, sandwiches, English breakfast etc – to be honest, I wouldn’t order other dishes there, but this burrito is the best for me in London (though M doesn’t agree with me).

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