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Fin & Flounder, a Cute Local Fishmonger @ Broadway Market

Fin & Flounder(ヒレとカレイ/ヒラメ)」は、ロンドン東部のブロードウェイ・マーケット(Broadway Market)にある小さなお魚屋さん。白いタイル壁と、アンティークっぽいペンダントライトが天井から垂れ下がるモダンな店内は、すっきりとしていて清潔。薄いブルーに塗られた外観にマッチした青いバケツ、そして青に映える黄色いホースはIKEAのロゴを思わせる。手描きで、シーフードを使った料理のレシピが書かれている黒板も可愛い。この黒板一面に書かれたレシピをメモしようという、気合いが入った人はあまりいないだろうけれど、お店のウェブサイトでも、ゴードン・ラムゼイヘストン・ブルメンタールなど、セレブ・シェフのレシピが見れる。


Fin & Flounder is a small back to basics fish store on chic Broadway Market in Hackney. This simple and modern shop, decorated with plain white tile walls and rusty pendant lights, is neat, clean, and well taken care of. Blue buckets, matching with light blue storefront, and yellow hoses reminds me of IKEA logo. Recipe on a blackboard on the back of seafood selection is a cute touch, though I don’t think many people will write down this lengthy recipe on a piece of paper. Alternatively, you can check recipes of celebrity chef such as Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal on their website.

Fin & Flounder also has a selection of  wines that are picked to complement seafood dishes, herbs, spices, and other deli items neatly on shelves on the back of the store, as well as fresh local catch from the UK coastline, such as Cornwall and Hastings, that you can see through the store windows. Staff was friendly, and this charming fish shop is a real local gem, and brings back a good old time when stores and customers had a good communication by modernizing the shop, when standardized and boring large supermarket chains are taking over the country’s commerce.

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