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G20 demonstration @ London

G20 demonstrationG20 demonstration


用事があったのでリバプール・ストリート(Liverpool Street)駅の近く、ビショップスゲート(Bishopsgate)を歩いていたら、「Climate Camp」と呼ばれるデモに出くわした。環境保護を訴えるこのグループは、テント持参で明日のG20サミットに備えるらしい。ヒッピー風の若者が多く、ビールやワインを飲んだり、おしゃべりに興じたり、音楽を流して踊ったりと、デモというよりストリート・フェスティバルのような趣きで、警備の警官たちもあまり緊張感がなかった。もっと写真を見たい方はここをクリックして下さい。


A day before the G20 summit in London, protesters with different slogans, such as anti-capitalism, anti-globalization, anti-war, and fight against climate change etc, gathered in several locations in London today, such as London’s financial center the City, Canary Wharf, and Docklands. This ‘Financial Fools Day‘ demonstration, named after April Fool Day today, radical protesters turned violent and some broke into a branch of the part-nationalized Royal Bank of Scotland. According to Sky News, at least 32 people were arrested and one died. It sounds scary if you read these news, but the protesters were confined to certain areas only and most areas of London was as usual, except police cars went through with siren every now and then.

I happened to walk down on Bishops gate near Liverpool Street Station today, and encountered ‘Climate Camp’, which is a group of activists against climate change. The protesters, most of them are hippyish young people, set up tents to stay over night on the street for tomorrow’s summit, and the ‘camp’ looked more like a street festival than a demonstration — people were drinking beer and wine, chatting, and dancing with the music. The policemen for security, seemed bored for this peaceful demonstration. If you want to see more photos please click here.

The demonstration today was sort of a manifestation of the people’s anger against the banks and bankers. Although they are the one who caused this credit crunch, and the tax money was used to help these failing banks, some bankers are still getting fat bonuses — this caused an outrage among people who are saving pennies to survive. According to the banks, they will loose the top bankers if you don’t pay them well, in the financial industry where high salary is a norm. However, this reasoning doesn’t persuade people in other industries who are fearful of loosing jobs and decreasing pay. The bankers were recommended to wear casual clothes or to work at home today, in order to avoid an attack by angry protesters. Today the City, always busy wit business people in dark suits, was occupied by protesters and many areas were deserted.

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