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Pasta, the Most Favorite Food in the ‘World’


イギリス人レストラン批評家のGiles Coren(ジャイルズ・コーレン)は、パスタのことを「過大評価された、gloppy(ふにゃふにゃした、柔らかい)物体で(彼は「アルデンテ」を知らないのか?)、お子チャマ向けの食べ物」、そして「貧乏な人たちの食べ物で洗練されていず、パンと同じようなもの」だと、こき下ろしている。パスタがお子様の食べ物だなんて、フランス人しか言わないと思ってた!こう言う物言いをするから、私は一般的にイギリスのレストラン批評家が嫌いなのだ。彼らはとにかく、辛辣で傲慢、意地悪であればあるほどカッコいいと思っているか、その発言によって注目を集めようとしている気がしてムカつくのだ。彼が言うのがある種のパスタ、ハインツの缶入りパスタとか、テスコのVALUEブランド(テスコブランドの中で割安のもの)のパスタにパスタソース、とかなら分かる。それにイギリスで美味しいパスタ料理を出す店が少ないのも確かだ。



Pasta is ranked on the top of the list of the most favourite food in the ‘world,’ beating meat or rice dishes and pizza, in a new global survey by Oxfam announced yesterday. In UK, pasta came second after steak, and chicken is the third. Interestingly the most popular food in Australia is chocolate, and it is the only country with sweet on its ranking. I am not sure if it is right to call the result as “world’s favorite foods”, by conducting the survey in only 17 countries among 200 countries in the world, missing out all middle eastern countries and most east Asian countries. However, I have never met anyone hates pasta, and the result would be the same if they do more large scale survey. Pasta is popular across the globe because it’s cheap, versatile and convenient, according to the BBC article. It’s easy to transport and has a long shelf life.

But British food critic Giles Coren described pasta as “overrated gloppy stuff” (doesn’t he know ‘al dente’?!) that appeals only to children. He said, “it’s poor people’s food. It’s unsophisticated. It’s the same as bread”. I thought only French think that pasta is for a kid! This kind of comment is the reason why I don’t like British food critics in general, including him and AA Gill. For some reason, they believe that more sarcastic, arrogant, and obnoxious the better, so they can get attention (or they want to believe that they are superior than us). He seems to think about only certain kinds of pasta – Heinz pasta in a tin or Tesco value range spaghetti with Tesco value Bolognese sauce. It is true that there aren’t many restaurants in UK who make great pasta dishes and this doesn’t help to overturn his comment either.

I am a big pasta lover and can’t overlook his horrible comment. I believe that pasta can be creative and sophisticated. There are almost indefinite kinds of sauces inside and outside Italy, and you can create your original by picking ingredients and seasoning. There are 600 different types and shapes of pasta in Italy and a choice of pasta for a specific sauce is important. A pack of pasta in a supermarket may be cheap, but good quality pasta costs and so as ingredients (ex. pasta with white truffles can cost you a fortune). It is like a bread? Sure, those are both carbohydrate, if he eats only boiled pasta with no sauce.

One last comment. Someone believe that pasta makes you fat, just eat smaller portion and use fresh & health ingredients, rather than eating ‘fake’ Carbonara with cream (cream never be used real Carbonara) from a big bowl. In fact Italians are not as fat as British in average. Also ladies, I have to tell you that Japanese food and Sushi rice (rice is also carbohydrate) contains some sugar and high sodium in soy sauce, if you believe it is very healthy.