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Dose Espresso Café @ Barbican/Smithfield

Dose Espresso CafeDose Espresso Cafe

地下鉄Barbican駅からLong LaneをSmithfield Marketの方向に向かって数分のところにあるカフェ、Dose EspressoSacred CafeNude Espressoと同様、またまたニュージーランド人経営の、客が2組も入ればいっぱいになる小さなカフェだけれど、シドニーとロンドンで7年以上経験を積んだバリスタであるオーナーの、コーヒーや食べ物に関するこだわりは強い。愛用のLa Marzocco FB-80は、フィレンツェで手作りされたエスプレッソ・マシーンの最高級品。コーヒーは、品質に定評のあるSquare Mile Coffee Roastersから、生産者の待遇や栽培方法に極力配慮したコーヒー豆を仕入れている。サンドイッチやサラダ、ポリッジ等は手作り。オーガニックの材料を使って石釜で焼かれたパンはBorn and Bread Bakeryから、キッシュ、スープ、スウィーツはTime Out誌での評価も高いBea’s of Bloomsburyから仕入れている。今回Mはモッツァレラとトマトのサンドイッチを、私はバナナのパウンドケーキを頼んだ(photo)。残念ながらサンドイッチはMのお気に召さなかったらしいが、温めてバターを少しのせたパウンドケーキは、ダウンアンダー系のカフェにつきもののFlat Whiteの苦みと良く合って、とてもおいしかった。Mのデザートのマッチ箱サイズの小型フィナンシェも絶品、ちょっと甘いものを食べたい時にぴったり(photo)。ただ木の椅子とプラスティック製のスツールは、座り心地が良くないのが残念。まあ、小さい店なので、長居せず、次の客に席を譲れということなのだろう。可愛いメニューボードも必見。

Dose Espresso is small on Long Lane, few minutes walk from Barbican tube station toward Smithfield Market. Like Sacred Cafe and Nude Espresso, another Kiwi-owned tiny café with few seats, but the owner’s passion for coffee and food deserves to be acknowledged. The owner is an experienced barista who had worked over 7 years in Sydney and London, and his La Marzocco FB-80 is the top quality espresso machine handmade in Florence. Their coffee is ethically sourced, carefully roasted and delivered in reusable buckets from Square Mile Coffee Roasters, which specialise in finding the best coffee beans from around the world. Sandwiches, salads and porridges are homemade. Their organic bread are baked in wood fired oven and comes from artisan bakery Born and Bread. The quiches, soups and sweets are delivered from Bea’s of Bloomsbury, highly rated café/bakery by Time Out. M ordered Mozzrella and tomato sandwich, and I ordered Banana cake and Flat White, which is a must at “down under” café (photo).  The sandwich unfortunately wasn’t nominated in M’s list of the best sandwich in town (M said it was blunt – maybe it was almost the end of the day?), but my banana cake, warmed and topped with some butter, was excellent and perfect with bitter Flat White. M’s desert, matchbox size friands was delicious as well, and perfect to satisfy your sugar craze while you are on diet (photo). I don’t call their wooden chairs and plastic stools are the most comfortable seats, but I guess that we have to give up the seat for a next guest as soon as we finish our food or coffee, due to their limited space. Must see their cute menu board, before you leave.

アップデート/UPDATE on May 13, 2011

* Dose Espresso Caféは最近、数軒先のKipferlがあった場所に引っ越し、少し広くなった。

* Dose Espresso Café recently moved to few steps away where Kipferl used to locate, and became a bit bigger.

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