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Jamie Oliver x Young’s “Sustainable” Frozen Fish Range


9月発売開始のこのジェイミーの冷凍シーフード製品、今安売り中なので、試しに買ってみた。彼の初の冷凍食品シリーズは現在、fishcake(フィッシュケーキ:魚入りコロッケみたいなもの)5種、fish finger(フィッシュ・フィンガー:マックのフィレオフィッシュの細長い指サイズ版)1種、そしてfish pie(フィッシュ・パイ:パイクラストを使わない、魚入りパイ)3種の計9商品。セールスポイントは、伝統的食材のhaddock(ハドック)やcod(タラ)に変え、 これまであまり利用されていなかったpollock(ポラック)やwhiting(ホワイティング)など、「sustainable(持続可能)」な魚を使用していること。ヘルシーな食生活普及のため、イギリスのみならずアメリカでもお節介を焼いてきたジェイミー、新たな布教活動に取り組むのはいいが、お味の方は残念な仕上がり。味がなく、魚のうまみが感じられない。お値段は安いが、サイズも小さい。あのジェイミー様をもってしても、安価でクオリティの高い食品を作り出すのは容易くないと言うことか。

Here is Jamie, the king of food, again. He is all over the place, from TV program and advert to his spurning restaurants. He will be leaving Sainsbury’s advert with his last appearance for this Christmas, after 11-year partnership with the supermarket chain. But he already found a new partner, Young’s seafood, so you won’t miss him.

Jamie’s frozen fish range, came out in September, have been on offer and I purchased some to try. His first range of branded frozen seafood makes up of 9 products at this moment; 5 fishcakes, 1 fish fingers, and 3 fish pies. The selling point of the range is that those have been sourced from sustainable and under-utilised alternatives to traditional haddock and cod, including pollock and whiting. Goody-goody Jamie who is obsessed with healthy eating, preaching people in UK as well as USA to eat well, is doing another good deed; sustainable and healthy. OK, his ambition is great, but the tastes were rather disappointing. Bland. No flavour, no taste of fish. Small price but small size. To make a good & healthy food for cheap doesn’t seem to be easy, even for mighty Jamie.