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Natural Bristle Cushion Brush by G B Kent & Sons

獣毛のブラシが髪にいいと何かで読んだので、John Lewisオンラインショップで、G B Kent & Sons(Kent Brushes:G.B. ケント)のヘアブラシを買った。1777年創業のG.B. ケント社は、ジョージ3世から9代の治世に渡って王室御用達証を得てきた、由緒あるブラシメーカー。製造過程の多くは手作業で、今も「メイド・イン・イングランド」にこだわるお手頃なブラシも生産しているが、伝統的技術を使い、職人が手作業で仕上げる100%ハンドメイド製品は、その品質・使い心地に高い評価を得ている。



私が買ったものは高価な手作り製品ではなく、ミディアムサイズ(19.5cm x 5cm)の天然黒色ブリッスルのゴムクッション・ブラシ、CSFM(£25)。製品説明には、「ブリッスルは、髪を清潔にし、艶を与え、頭皮を刺激する」とある。そのカーブのかかった柄は持ちやすく、手にフィットする。弾力性に富むブリッスルは気持ちよく頭皮をマッサージするのだが、何せ剛毛・多毛の持ち主なので、頭のてっぺんから後頭部まではいいのだが、そこから下は表面しかブリッスルが届かない。確かにブラッシングすると艶は出るのだが、しすぎるとちょっと油っぽくなり、ブリッスルが届かない毛先の辺りは静電気が起こって髪がフワフワ浮いてしまう。このブラシは、毛質が細くて毛量の少ないイギリス人のために作られたものだからだろうか。ブリッスルの感触は心地良いし、いいブラシには違いないのだと思うが、残念ながら、どうも私の髪質には合わないらしい。。。

I bought a G B Kent & Sons‘ hairbrush on John Lewis online shop, as  I read that animal hair brush makes hair healthy and shine. Founded in 1777, G B Kent & Sons, also known as Kent Brushes, is a manufacturer of high quality brushes in England, and has been granted of Royal Warrants for nine reigns from George III. The company continues to retain the craftsmanship and produces some of their brushes by hand with traditional methods (100% handmade range), as well as more affordable ones. And those are still proudly “made in England”.

Kent are renowned for their bristle brushes and their passion for high quality. The bristle is sourced from the finest bristle merchants in India and China. Timbers are chosen from sustainable forests throughout the world, selected for their beauty, grain, colour and suitability to be shaped, drilled and polished. Rubber cushions are selected for softness and strength, comfortable for delicate scalps but strong enough to be durable and withstand years of use. Plastic quills have carefully rounded ends to tease their way through tangled hair without pulling or tugging.

more details of the company

What I bought was not an expensive handmade one, but a medium sized (19.5cm x 5cm) pure black natural bristle cushion brush CSFM (£25). The bristle cleans hair, promotes shine and stimulates the scalp, according to Kent’s description. Its curbed handle nicely fits my hand and is easy to grip. The bristle is hard enough to stimulate my scalp comfortably. However, my hair is too thick and too many, and the brush doesn’t go all the way from the back of my head to down the edge… I can brush only top and side of my head, but not the bottom of my hair. Probably the brush is made for British fine hair type… The brush does make my hair shinier, but brushing too much make my hair a bit too greasy and causes static electricity. It is nice looking brush and the bristle feels great, but it doesn’t really work out for my hair type…

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