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Honest Burger @ Meard Street, SOHO

何度目かの挑戦にしてようやく、行列のできるハンバーガー店・Honest Burgerでランチした。Brixton Village Marketでの成功の後、今夏に2軒目のSoho店をMeard Streetにオープン。火曜日の午後3時過ぎでもテーブルは満席で、唯一空いた席が、店の奥のトイレの前、壁と向かい合わせのちょっと悲しい2人用テーブル。その後食事を終えた人が何人か席を立ったので、新たに来た家族連れに取られる寸前に、何とかマシな席をゲットした。


良質なイギリス産を使ったハンバーガーと言うコンセプトで、Honest Burgerの肉は有名肉店・Ginger Pigから仕入れている。バーガー(放し飼いチキン、ミディアムで焼き上げた乾燥熟成ビーフ、ベジーバーガーの3種)は、トーストしたグレーズがけのツヤツヤしたパンに挟まれ、ローズマリー・ソルトで味付けしたフライドポテトと一緒にサーブされる。微かなローズマリーの香りのホクホクのポテトフライやビーフバーガーのパテは美味しかったのだが、私はあの少し甘目のパンがちょっと苦手。「ホームメード(レモンのつぶつぶがなく、本当に手作りか疑問)」レモネードも甘々。urbanspoonを含むレストランレビューを見ると、ほぼ全て「Honest Burger大好き」といった感じだけれど、Mは行列が嫌いだし、ソーホーには他にも美味しい店があるし、私的は並ぶほどのものではないかという感想。

After several attempts, we finally managed to eat in at this ultra-popular Honest Burger where people are always queueing up. After their success at Brixton Village Market, this Soho branch was opened on small Meard Street this summer. The place was full even on Tuesday after 3pm, and the only table available was a sad small table for two all the way back, facing to the wall and next to the toilet. Then slowly people were leaving, and we grabbed a better table just few seconds before a family of three took it.

Inside of the eatery lacks punch and the decor is ordinary. But their flow food chart printed on the menu & on the wall is quite nice, and the presentation of food & drink is retro and cute, including a white enamel dish, a glass mug for lemonade, and a rusty old tobacco tin containing a bill.

Inspired by great British produce, Honest Burger uses meat supplied by renowned butcher Ginger PigTheir burgers (free range chicken, dry aged medium-cooked beef, and market vegetables) are served on a toasted shiny glazed bun with hand-cut chips and rosemary salt. The chips with little aroma of rosemary were crisp and nice. Beef burger was fine, but I am not a big fan of the bun which taste a bit too sweet. And their ‘homemade (I am not sure if it was, as it didn’t have any bits)’ lemonade was too sugary as well. It seems that almost everybody loves Honest Burger when I checked the reviews including urbanspoon, but I am not sure if it worths queuing – M hates queuing and there are many other places to eat in SOHO.