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Art by Animals Exhibition @ Grant Museum of Zoology, University College London

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世界各地の動物園にいるゾウ、オランウータン、ゴリラ、チンパンジーが描いた絵を展示するユニークな展覧会が、2月1日からユニヴァーシティ・カレッジ・ロンドンGrant Museum of Zoology(グラント動物学博物館)で始まった(開館:月〜金曜の午後1〜3時/入場料無料/3月9日まで)。これは、違う種の動物の絵画を集めた、恐らく世界初の展覧会だという。

類人猿の絵は、よく2〜3歳児の「scribble stage(落書き、殴り書きの段階)」に例えられるが、博物館のマネジャーによると、類人猿は写実的描写もでき、そのアートは創造性に富み、同じ技法を使った人間の抽象画と区別できないほどだという。それに比べ、訓練をされたゾウは、いつも同じものしか描けないが、木や花とはっきり分かるような具体的な絵を描くことができるそうだ。



→参照:BBC / Daily Mail

An unique exhibition displaying paintings created by elephants, orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees in zoos across the world, has opened on February 1st in Grant Museum of Zoology at University College of London (Opening: Mon-Fri 1-3pm/free entrance/until March 9th). It is believed to be the first/one of the first exhibition to showcase paintings by different species.

Often ape art is compared to that of 2-3 year-old children in the ‘scribble stage’. According to the manager of the museum, art produced by apes is creative and can make images, and is almost undistinguishable from abstract art by humans that use similar techniques. On the other hand, elephants are trained to always paint the same thing and produce images that clearly resemble trees and flowers.

Images of monkeys painting date back at least to the 17th Century in European art. Since the mid-50s, zoos have used art and painting as a leisure activity for animals, as well as selling the pieces to raise funds, and the rise in popularity of animal art coincided with the abstract expressionist art movement.

Are these art? Obviously these animals don’t have a concept of art and are not aware of making ‘art’, but certainly these free-spirited paintings are cheerful and interesting to look at, even in compare to thousands of human ‘arts’ out there.

→reference:BBC / Daily Mail