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“Made in England” Tea Towel @ Selfridges

Made in EnglandSelfridge


Selfridgesセルフリッジズ)オックスフォード・ストリート店は、ハロッズに次ぐイギリスで2番目に大きい高級デパートで、オックスフォード・ストリートで最大の店舗。アメリカ人実業家・ハリー・ゴードン・セルフリッジズによって1909年に創業、今年100周年を迎えた。買い物を単なる用事としてではなく、「fun adventure(楽しい冒険)」にしたいと考えた創業者の理念は今でも生きており、Selfridgesのユニークで遊び心のあるウィンドー・ディスプレイは、いつも話題をさらう。ちなみに、ショーウィンドウの導入や、店内にレストランとトイレを設けたのも、Selfridgesが最初なんだそうだ。Selfridgesの、流行を取り入れた品揃えやそのセンスの良さには定評があり、流行に敏感な若者にも人気。また中近東の金持ち御用達のデパートとしても有名で、外には何台もの運転手付き高級車が、Selfridgesの黄色い紙バッグをたくさん抱えて戻ってくる主を待っている。Selfridgesの店舗建築もまた優れており、オックスフォード・ストリート店はクラシックな外観だが、Future Systemsがデザインしたモダンなバーミンガム店は、市の新しいシンボルとなっている。

I bought this tea towel (dish towel, a cloth which is used to dry dishes and cutlery etc) for my sister’s birthday. I found it at the corner displaying “British products” such as jam, mugs and cushion covers with British national flags, in the kitchen and household department on the lower ground floor of the Selfridges Oxford street store. Its 50’s style design with crowns is very cute. As printed in the large letters, the towel is designed, printed, and sewn in England, according to the producer Pintuck – a perfect English souvenir.

Selfridges Oxford street store is the second largest store after Harrods in the UK, and the largest on Oxford Street. Founded in 1909 by American businessman Harry Gordon Selfridge, this up-market department store celebrates their 100-year anniversary this year. Selfridges was the pioneer of a modern department store, and was the first store to introduce show windows and set up restaurants and customers toilets. The founder’s idea to make shopping a “fun adventure” instead of a chore is still alive, and their unique and fun window displays always come up on peoples’ attention. Selfridges is a favorite department store of young and hip Londoners for its fashionable sense and selection of the trendy products. It is also known as a best-loved shop by rich Middle Easterners, and the expensive cars with chauffeurs are always parked outside, waiting for their ‘masters’ with handful of yellow shopping bags. Selfridge stores are known for architectural excellence. The exterior of Oxford street store is rather classic style, but the Future Systems-designed modern Birmingham store became a new symbol of the city.


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