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Hydrogen Bus @ Southbank Mix

Bankside Mix(バンクサイド・ミックス)に最近オープンしたVapianoに行った時に見かけた、Hydrogen Bus(水素バス)。調べてみたら、EUのCUTE(Cleaner Urban Transport for Europe)プロジェクトの一環として、2003〜2007年に試用期間を経て、昨年12月から本格的に運用開始されたという(tfl informationガーディアン紙記事)。同時に、イギリス最大の水素供給ステーションが東ロンドンのLeytonにオープンした。



We saw a hydrogen Bus stopping at a bus stop in front of the Bankside Mix, when we went to newly opened Vapiano at the Bankside Mix. After a trial of three hydrogen buses in London between 2003 and 2007 as part of the EU-sponsored CUTE (Cleaner Urban Transport for Europe), the UK’s first permanent hydrogen bus was launched in December 2011 (tfl information / the Guardian article). At the same time, the UK’s largest hydrogen refuelling station opened in Leyton, east London.

It is said that more than 4,300 people lost their lives in London due to poor air quality every year. All that comes out of these hydrogen buses is water vapour and the vehicle can operate for more than 18 hours without refueling. RV1 route, where currently hydrogen buses are operated, connects popular tourist attractions such as the Tower of London, the Tate Modern, the South Bank arts complex, the London Eye and Covent Garden – perfect to appeal ‘clean’ London to visitors. Green-obsessed London mayor Boris Johnson aims to encourage a minimum of 150 hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road by 2012 including 15 hydrogen-powered taxis. Great, but isn’t the number of hydrogen taxis too small? Probably cost conscious self-employed taxi owners don’t want to spend too much money to upgrade to low emission vehicles under this recession, even with some financial incentive from the city government.

By the way, I recommend Vapiano at the Bankside Mix when you go to the Tate Modern or nearby Borough Market where restaurants around are always packed – it is spacious and bright with plenty of sunshine coming through floor-to-ceiling windows, and not many people know it at this moment as opened recently.


↓ 東日本巨大地震チャリティ情報 / Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Charity Information