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The Met Police is in Trouble

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Vodpod videos no longer available.


Another police scandal, after yesterday’s Hillsborough Disaster 20th anniversary. The Met (Metropolitan Police Service / Scotland Yard),  the police force responsible for law enforcement within Greater London, have been under attacked with violent behaviours by officers at the G20 protests. Today hundreds of protesters gathered to Scotland Yard against the Met.  145 complaints have been made so far against the police conducts at the demonstration against G20 summit, including 70 claims of excessive force by victims or witnesses to brutality and 40 concerns about police tactics such as the corralling technique called “kettling“. 2 video footage revealed police assaults on Ian Tomlinson, who died with ‘heart attack’ (now it is said that internal bleeding is the cause of his death, after autopsy) just after being shoved by a police officer, and on Nicky Fisher, being hit in the face and on her leg with another officer’s baton. These two officers are also accused of removing their police identification numbers at the time, and are later suspended as a result of the incidents. The “kettling” tactic sounds horrible, that many protesters and even innocent bystanders were locked up in small area for many hours (up to 7 hours!!), without toilet facility (that is my worst nightmare!), water or food supply. I understand that police officers were in huge stress (unfortunately protesters are not the most well-behaved people…) and they were just doing what they were told to do, and for sure most officers are cordial and do the right thing, but to go too far will put you in trouble at the end, as nowadays cameras are all over you!!

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