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Habitat @ Tottenham Court Road


When we need something for home, I go to Habitat on Tottenham Court Road, where there are electric shops on the south and interior shops in the middle. Few weeks ago I bought polyester coated wire dish drainer CACTI for £8, but the price has been slashed 20% to £6.40, since big spring sale started on March 3rd. I am a bit disappointed but more than that, the present for my friend I bought for full price also became half price. I hope my friend wouldn’t see the price tag and think that I am stingy for her…


I like Habitat, because I can buy sleek home products for reasonable price (see my past entry). But Habitat is not doing well in the last few years and has been recorded a loss since 2004/05, and  in December 2009, the former owner of IKANO, owned by the IKEA founder Kamprad family, sold the company to Hilco, a restructuring specialist (see the related article). Recently Habitat does sale often and also send out an e-mail newsletter with discount voucher. This sale during an unusual period offers quite big discount. I didn’t know the news as we were not in London, but in June 2009, Habitat was criticized for taking advantage of the list of trending topics, including hashtags referring to Apple and the iPhone as well as the 2009 Iranian election protests, on the social-networking service Twitter to promote its products (see related article).  I am wondering if Habitat is desperate. It is sad that Hilco is not thought to be planning the closure of any shops, but hopefully Habitat survives…

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