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Transport for London New Fares 2013: Just Another Increase

Transport for London Poster: New Fares 2013

ロンドンの交通運賃は、毎年1月に改定される。ただでさえ高い運賃が毎年のように値上げされるから、新運賃が発表されるとメディアは大きく取り上げ、インフレ以上の値上げ率だの何だのと批判の嵐になる。しばらくロンドンを留守にしていたので、値上げの事をすっかり忘れていたのだが、今日上のポスターを見て、1月2日に運賃値上げが実施されたのを知った。地下鉄とバスの運賃値上げ率は平均4.2%(詳細は、Transport for Londonウェブサイトで)。例を挙げると、

  • ゾーン1内地下鉄運賃:オイスターカード使用時£2.10(10ペンス増)/ 現金使用時£4.50(20ペンス増)
  • バス運賃:オイスターカード使用時£1.40(5ペンス増) / 現金使用時£2.40(10ペンス増)


ちなみに、市が運営する貸自転車システム・Barclays Bike Hireも、30分以内の利用料無料は変わらないけれど、アクセス料は2倍も値上がりした。

  • 24時間アクセス:£1→£2
  • 週間アクセス:£5→£10
  • 年間アクセス:£45→£90

電車賃値上げはさらにひどく、市内で値上げ反対デモが起きたほど(Evening Standard紙)。他県からロンドンに通勤している友人も、年間定期代が今年£5000(約71万4500円)を超えたと嘆いていた。この不況時に、通勤・通学の人たちや旅行者にはひどい仕打ちだ。

New year, new price. Every year transport fares in London change, and of course, always going up and never going down. So every year after the announcement of new fares, media criticises how terrible it is, like above inflation rate etc. I forgot about the fare change, but I saw the poster above on the street corner and realised that the fares have gone up from January 2. On the Tube and buses, fares increased by an average 4.2% (details @ Transport for London website). Examples of new fares as below:

  • Single tube fare within Zone 1: £2.10 for pay as you go (10p↑) / £4.50 for cash (20p↑)
  • Single bus fare: £1.40 for pay as you go (5p↑) / £2.40 for cash (10p↑)

I looked back my old blog entry about new fares of 2010, and found out that single bus fare with Oyster card was £1 in 2009 – which means that the fare has increased 40% in 4 years. Single zone 1 tube fare with Oyster card was £1.6 in 2009, and it is an increase of 50%!  Massive. And the cash fare for single tube fare within Zone 1 is £4.50 = about $7.14 / €5.36! A tourist to London who doesn’t know about the Oyster card be very surprised with this outrageous amount?! Be careful when you go to London – buy Oyster card as soon as you arrive the city.

In addition, Barclays Bike Hire access fees have gone up double as below, although up to 30 minute usage remains free.

  • 24 hours access: £2 (£1↑)
  • Weekly access: £10 (£5↑)
  • Annual membership: £90 (£45↑)

Fare hikes for trains are even worse, and angry commuters hit the street for demonstration (Evening Standard). One of my friend who commutes to London complains that her annual train pass now cost over £5,000. Very nice gestures to commuters and tourists during the recession!

Barklays Bike Hire new fare 2013