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Kahaila Café @ Brick Lane

ブリック・レーンに今年6月末にオープンしたカフェ・Kahaila Café。最初に通りがかった時は、その名前からハワイアン・カフェか何かかな?と思ったけれど、違った。「Kahaila(カヒラと発音)」は、ヘブライ語でコミュニティを意味する語「Kahila」に、同じくヘブライ語「Chaim(生活・生存の意。時にhaiと綴られる)」の「hai」をかけあわせた、オーナーの造語。ヘブライ語が語源でも、ジューイッシュ・カフェでもない。なんと、このカフェのオーナーは、「Life Church」というキリスト教系の教会で、様々な活動やイベントを催す場としてのハイクオリティなカフェを通じて、ブリック・レーン界隈の信者たちが互いに交流できるコミュニティを作る事が目的なのだという。


This is Kahaila Café on Brick Lane, opened late June this year. When I passed by in front of it, I thought it was Hawaiian café or something, because of its name. But it’s not. ‘Kahaila (pronounced Ka-hi-la)’ is coined with the hebrew word ‘Kahila (community)’ and another hebrew word ‘Chaim (living or life)’, sometimes spelt ‘hai’ which is placed it in the middle of ‘Kahila’. Is this Jewish café, then? No either. The owner of the café is a unconventional Christian church called Life Church, aiming to to be a missional community that reaches out to the young people who congregate in the area of Brick Lane, through running a high quality cafe that hosts a diverse programme of activities to develop community.

However, don’t worry even if you are a non-church gower, non-Christian or even an atheist – nothing religious in the café (no cross, no Jesus Christ etc) – in fact, I was surprised to know that the place is owned by the church. And nobody bothers to convert you. Just sit down, relax and enjoy delicious good-quality sandwiches and cakes in this friendly & spacious café with cozy and laid-back atmosphere.


Parma ham, mozzarella & rocket sandwich and salami, brie & tomato sandwich (£4.00 each)