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Kimchee Korean Restaurant @ Holborn

以前、火事の後閉鎖された日本食レストランの(Matsuri)ホルボーン店があった場所に、新しく韓国レストラン「Kimchee」がオープンした。最近、ロンドンの無料日本語情報誌にも広告をバンバン載せている。「キムチ」というそのまんまでチープな名前とは裏腹に、店内は打って変わってモダン。入口を入ると、奥までどーんと突き抜けの広いフロアに、ダークウッドのテーブルと白木(竹?)のランプシェード、そして明るくて大きなオープンキッチンが目に入る。その洗練されたインテリアは、伝説のレストラン・プロデューサー、アラン・ヤウAlan Yau)氏の手によるのかと思ったけど、彼のウェブサイトに載っていないから違うみたい。



やはり美味しい韓国料理は、コリアン・タウンのあるNew Moldenに行くしかないのかな?

A new Korean restaurant Kimchee at a former Japanese restaurant  Matsuri Holborn branch, few months after Matsuri was closed due to fire. The name “Kimchee” doesn’t sound sophisticated, but contrary to its cheap name, the interior is sleek and modern – with dark wood furniture, birch (bamboo?) lampshades, and bright + huge open kitchen. I thought it was produced by legendary restauranteur Alan Yau because of its modern ethnic style, but I guess not, as Kimchee is not listed on his website.

About food. We ordered two appetizers, kimchee and Modum Namul (*unlike Korea or USA, Korean restaurants in London don’t serve free side dishes or banchan. If they do, they give you only 1 or 2 dishes), and three main dishes of raw beef Bibimbap, beef Dolsot (stone pot) Bibimbap, and Galbitang. I don’t analyse each dish but say in one word, all the dishes we ordered were not great – looking good in nice plates and bowls, but were bland and didn’t have much taste. I can tell that they don’t cook with love and passion. It was not only our opinion – Time Out and Metro also talk bad about this restaurant. There were some Asian (I mean East Asian, not South Asian as British English suggests) but I don’t think there were any Koreans. Probably word of mouth has already spread among Korean community.

Their service had some problem as well. Started well – the staffs were friendly at the beginning and order and serving were smooth, but ended badly. The bill and my credit card were left untouched for a while until I finally stood up and asked for service. And the response was bad – no apology, no smile. We almost bursted with fury. We were already frustrated with their food, and their attitude was a final blow. Yes, the restaurant is cool and reasonable, but we don’t think we are going back there again.

To have a good Korean food, I guess I have to travel all the way down south to a big Korean Town of New Molden…