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Curio Cabal Café @ Kingsland Road, Haggerton

Fabrica 584からキングスランドロードを南下すると、リージェンツ運河の手前に、この夏オープンしたCurio Cabalがある。シンプルでリラックスした雰囲気のこの小さなカフェ&ギャラリースペース、La Marzoccoで淹れたMonmouth coffeeや美味しい紅茶類、品数は少ないけれどサンドイッチや日替わりスープ、ケーキ等がいただける。取り立てて何もないエリアだけど、万が一にもこの辺でカフェを探すことがあれば、ご参考に。

Going down to the south on Kingsland Road from Fabrica 584, you will see a café just opened this summer, Curio Cabal, in between Haggerston Overground station and the Regents Canal. This relaxed small café & gallery space offers a selection of sweet and savoury bites, as well as Monmouth coffee brewed with La Marzocco and a range of fine teas. It is situated in the middle of nothing, butif you happen to be there and need a decent café, just in case.


Fabrica 584 Café @ Kingsland Road, Dalston

私たちがハックニーに引っ越してきた7年前、キングスランドロードやダルストンは、今とは少し違う様相だった。アフリカ産の野菜やハラールに即した肉類等を売るRidley Road Marketに象徴されるようにアフリカ人やカリブ海出身者が多いこの地区は、現在のような高層アパート群、洒落たお店やレストラン&カフェは全くなかった。それが2年前にOverground East London線が開通した後は、地価の上がったホクストンやショーディッチに手が出ないイギリス人やヨーロッパ人の若者がじわじわと侵出し始め、彼らをターゲットにした店が増えている。→以前のブログ記事:Tin CaféBird CaféOther Café

イタリア人が経営するFabrica 584もその一つ。この辺りにありがちな、ヴィンテージの家具やむき出しの壁や柱をそのまま活かした、カジュアルでエッジーな店内は、いかにもイーストロンドンらしい住民で賑わっている。イタリア人が得意とするのはやはり食べ物とコーヒー。ここも例外ではなく、サンドイッチは新鮮で美味しいし、コーヒーも文句なし。

When we moved in Hackney about 7 years ago, Kingsland Road and Dalston used to look quite different from now. There was no fancy apartment complex, stylish stores, hip restaurants/cafés, in this predominantly African and Caribbean neighborhood, represented by the place like Ridley Road Market selling exotic vegetables and Halal meat. Since London Overground East London line opened two years ago, young British and Europeans who can’t afford to live Hoxton and Shoreditch have gradually invaded this area, so as restaurants and cafés targeting those people. Tin Café, Bird Café, Other Café are some of them I wrote previously.

Italian-own Fabrica 584 café is another one of those. As other fellow cafés, the interior is rough, bare and edgy, and atmosphere is laid-back. What Italians are generally better than British at is food and coffee, and Fabrica 584 is not an exception. Their sandwiches were fresh and delicious, and my flat white was exactly the way I wanted (though flat white is not Italian invention).

Other Cafe & Gallery @ Balls Pond Road, Dalston / Kingsland Road

OvergroundのDalston Junction駅から西へ徒歩数分のところにある、カフェ&ギャラリー・Other。地上階・地下と2フロアある店内は、アンティークの家具や小物が、無造作に見えるけれどちゃんとバランスを考えてセンスよく配置されており(Mura Interiors)、それら調度品を見ているだけでも楽しい。晴れた日は入口横の大きな窓から太陽が燦々と注ぎ、ほっこりと午後のひと時を過ごせる。


Walking few minutes to the west from Dalston Junction Overground station, you see Other Cafe & Gallery on the right side. Consisting of 2 floors, ground floor and downstairs, the place is decorated by Mura Interiors with antique furniture and bric-a-brac, looking randomly but meticulously in good balance & taste. It is fun just looking at those old items, and also you can enjoy lazy afternoon with plenty of sunshine coming through big windows next to the entrance.

Other’s website says that they offer a variety of fresh home-made food, from traditional English breakfast to Italian and South American dishes. To say the truth, we’ve never come back there after we went once last October, simply because their food was not impressive. Soup and penne carbonara (photo below) looked good, but were tasteless and uninspired. Panino with ham and tomatoes was not toasted and very dry and, again, no taste. The space is nice and cozy, and it is a shame that we can’t come back because of their food. Another thing is the artworks at the gallery don’t seem to match the atmosphere of the place (see website)…


3 photos above: cafe & gallery space downstairs, divided in several rooms and decorated differently.

Viet Hoa Café @ Kingsland Road, Hackney

10以上のベトナム料理店が集まる、別名「Phở Mileフォー通り)」と呼ばれるKingsland Roadだが、その中で一番素敵な店がこのViet Hoa Caféシンプルかつスタイリッシュなブランドデザインは、Polka Gelatoも手がけた商業デザイン事務所・Vonsungの手によるもの。ラウンジ系ミュージックの流れる、センスよくまとめられた店内は、オーナーかマネジャーとおぼしきベトナム系のオジサンや従業員のイメージと、どうにもミスマッチだが、良いデザイナーを見つけたのは正解。この辺りのベトナミーズは、値段は多少店の雰囲気と比例するが(でもそれほど変わらない)、味は似たり寄ったりだと思うので、どうせならお洒落なお店で食べた方が気分がいい。同じくデザイン系ベトナミーズのViet Grillと比べ、味も雰囲気もViet Hoaの方が上だと私的には思う。

Viet Hoaのウェブサイトをチェックしていて気づいたのだが、地下は同系列のバーベキューレストラン・MESSになってるのだそうだ。このオリエンタル風BBQのお品書き、とても気になる。一度行ってみたい。

Among more than 10 Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road (also known as the “Phở Mile“), Viet Hoa Café is the chicest place of all. Its simple + stylish branding design is created by commercial design firm Vonsung, whose project list includes Polka Gelato. Its modern interior and cool lounge music doesn’t really match the image of its owner (or manager?) who served our table and workers at Viet Hoa, but let’s put it aside. They just found the right person for the restaurant’s renewal work and branding design. The taste of food is more or less the same at any Vietnamese restaurants in the area, though the price is influenced a bit (but not much) by the cost of interior, and if the food is around the same, it is more pleasant to eat at a nicer place. In compare to another design-y Vietnamese Viet Grill, I prefer Viet Hoa for both ambience and food.

I didn’t realize when we were at the restaurant, but there is also a sister restaurant MESS at the basement. These oriental BBQ dishes are quite interesting and appealing – I have to try soon.

牛肉入りフォー(£6.70)と鴨のローストとご飯のセット(£7.90)/ Pho with beef (£6.70) and Roasted duck & rice (£7.90)

海老とカニカマ入り生春巻き / Summer rolls with prawns & crabsticks  (£3.85)

Amici Miei Italian Home Cooking @ Kingsland Road, Shoreditch

Pizza Eastに行く通り道にあるイタリアン・レストラン、Amici Miei(アミーチ・ミエイ)。お店ができた時から気になっていたが、頭はいつもPizza Eastのピッツァで占められているので、いつも素通りしていた。でも先週の寒波の際に、近場でランチをと考えていたところ、ふとここを思い出し試してみた。

Amici Mieiは、隣にあるサルデーニャ料理のレストラン&テークアウト店、Due Sardi(ドゥエ・サルディ:二人のサルデーニャ人の意)のオーナーの2軒目のお店。「Amici Miei(私の友人たち)」と言う名前の通り、スタッフはフレンドリー。隣の、いかにもアングラ・ショーディッチ風のDue Sardiと違い、そのインテリアはシンプル&ナチュラル、洒落た田舎のトラットリアという感じで、なかなか可愛い。


We have passed in front of this Italian restaurant, Amici Miei, dozens of times when we went to Pizza East. Since its opening, we wanted to try this place, but our minds were preoccupied with pizza at Pizza East every time we passed by, and we just like, “well, we would try another time”. But last week with big freeze, we didn’t want to go far and finally dined at Amici Miei.

Amici Miei is the second restaurant of the owner of Due Sardi (= two Sardinians in English) , a casual Sardinian eatery next door. As its name “Amici Miei (=my friends)” suggests, staffs were pleasantly friendly. In compare to typical Shoreditch-y offbeat Due Sardi, its interior is smart & simple, and more like cute trattoria in Italy.

We saw a stone oven on the back of the restaurant, and immediately made up our mind to order pizza. We had Italians’ favorites, Margherita (back in the photo below) and Marinara (front in the photo). Our expectation reached the top when the waiter brought us our pipping hot dishes, but it turned sour as we had a bite. Pizza crust was neither chewy as Neapolitan pizza or crunchy as Roman style, but just the taste of flour. Tomato sauce was too little and mozzarella (not the fresh kind) was too much, and the olives were just bad. However, people seem to like their pizza as I checked online reviews. Some possibilities: 1) we are wrong, 2) chef of the day was an intern, 3) the reviews were done by their ‘amici’. Need to try Amici Miei again to tell our verdict.