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Royal Star Restaurant & Bar @ City Road

最近お気に入りのレストラン&バー・Royal Star。以前はサッカーやスポーツの試合等を放送する、近所のおっさん達が集まるフツーのパブだったけれど、最近モダンなガストロパブに生まれ変わった。毎日、ランチ(週末はブランチ)からディナーまで休みなしで提供される、ラテンアメリカ風テーストを加えた料理(メニュー)はなかなか美味。前菜、メインの他にサンドイッチもあり、私たちのランチはもっぱらこちら。ドリンクは、アメリカやイギリス等のCraft Beer(地ビール)の他、ワインも10ポンド台のお手頃価格から50ポンドを超えるものまで充実している。また各種コーヒーの外、Pai Mu Tan(白牡丹・白茶)やEgyptian Nights(エジプト産ミントとカモミール)、Regent’s Park(パパイヤ、パイナップル、イチゴ、ラズベリー、バラ)等、珍しい紅茶セレクションも。


This is our recent favorite lunch place, Royal Star restaurant & bar on City Road. The place was used to be an boring neighbourhood pub showing football and sports games, but recently was reborn as a sleek gastro pub style venue. Serving lunch and dinner 7 days a week as well as weekend brunch, their food with a Latin American twist (menu) is quite tasty. In addition to small dishes and mains, there are also sandwiches for a casual eating, which we usually have for lunch. About drink, they have a choice of craft beers, mainly from UK and US, as well as a good selection of wines from reasonable to good quality over £50. They also have a selection of coffees as well as rare kind of teas such as Pai Mu TanEgyptian Nights and Regent’s Park.

The place is very spacious (there is also adjacent room on the back and courtyard) and pleasantly comfortable, but we have never seen the restaurant packed of people though we went there only after busy lunch time, probably because of its recent opening, its location, or its modest exterior. We really hope it won’t fail, as we like the place & food!

Beef Po’Boy (£7/left) and Pulled Pork Po’Boy (£7/right)

Chilli, Sweetcorn soup (£4.5)


Macondo Cafe @ Camden Passage, Angel


水・土曜日に開催されるアンティークマーケットで有名な、Angelのカムデン・パッセージ(Camden Passage)にあるカフェ、Macondoでランチをした。2003年にホクストン・スクエアにできたスパニッシュ・ラテンカフェの2号店。ギャラリーも併設した店内は、アート作品が壁を飾っています。デリから選べる食べ物の他、タコスやスパニッシュオムレツ等のラテン食、またケーキ類が充実している。土曜日の今日はとても混んでいて、スペイン人やイタリア人等ラテン系のお客も多々。私たちは、スパニッシュ・コロッケ、ラザーニャを注文。ラザーニャはイタリア人Mのお口に合ったようだが、ほうれん草の一杯詰まったコロッケは味が薄く、ちょっと残念。量が多いので、小食の方はご注意を。

今日、カフェの前を通ったけれど、Macondo Cafeはどうやら閉店してしまったようです。Macondoの前にあったカフェ2店も次々閉店したので、この場所は何か因縁があるのかも。

We had lunch at a Spanish/Latin cafe, called Macondo on Camden Passage, in Angel.  Camden Passage is known for the antique market on every Wednesday and Saturday. After their success in Hoxton Square, Macondo opened a second cafe in Angel in December 2007. Macondo has a variety of “Spanish/Latin American” foods as well as cakes/puddings, and there are some artworks on the wall of cafe/gallery. The cafe was crowded on today (Saturday), and there were some Spanish and Italians as well. We ordered Spanish croquets and Lasagna – Italian M liked the Lasagna, but my croquets with spinach didn’t have any taste… The amount was huge, so be careful if you are not so hungry!

* update on the date of March 3, 2010
I passed by Macondo Cafe today and it seems to be failed. Two cafes before Macondo also closed in a short period time, and the place may be cursed…
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