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L’Eto Caffe’ @ Wardour Street

PrinciByronをはじめ、カフェやレストランが並ぶソーホーのWardour Streetに、新しいカフェ・デリ「L’Eto Caffe’」が最近オープンした。ウィンドーを通して、ロンドンのデリ・カフェの有名店、Ottolenghi(オットレンギ)を思わせる、洗練された美味しそうなお惣菜やパンが見え、食欲をそそられる。インテリアは、ご近所のPrinciと似た感じの、ゴールドとダークウッドを使った、シンプルでモダンな作りになっている。



A new deli/café “L’Eto Caffe'” just opened on Wardour Street, one of the major spot in SOHO where many food & drink venues are located including popular Princi and Byron. You can see their gorgeous looking food through store windows, in the same way as London’s famous deli chain Ottolenghi. Its interior is simple and modern, based on gold yellow and dark wood, which is similar to its neighbor Princi.

The food is priced by weight except cakes. But it is not usual Buffet that you take what and how much you want, but you have to ask a staff to take the food for you, so it might be a bit too big or too small. It was not the only irritation for me but also the time to complete the order – the price of each food was different and the staff had to go back and forth to weigh the plate every time I ordered something. I just wonder if they can handle chaotic lunch hour in SOHO this way. And a big surprise came at the cashier. Small portion of octopus salad and mozzarella with pesto sauce (total £10.22), two slices of Miso beef (£7.40), a slice of pork (£4.80), small lasagna (£6), and two small bread and a small bottle of water cost staggering £29.67!! (probably cheaper to take away) The plates were not even full. Lunch for two at a normal restaurant probably wouldn’t cost that much. I was in SOHO, not in posh Chelsea! Also the problem is that you have no clue how much your food would cost until you get a verdict at the counter.

The ingredients seemed fresh and the food was quite sophisticated, but the taste overall was rather blunt and ordinary. The space between the tables was narrow and no space for a bag or a coat, and I couldn’t sit comfortably with my coat on my back. I can’t come everyday with the system and price and don’t want to come everyday – may sound a bit harsh, but this is my honest opinion…


Wide range of mouthwatering-looking (but a bit pricey) cakes on the counter.

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