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Lina Stores Italian Deli @ Brewer Street, SOHO

Lina Storesは、Sexショップに囲まれたソーホーのど真ん中、Brewer Streetで、1930年代よりイタリアの食料品を扱う老舗店。私たちがロンドンに来てから約10年、リトル・イタリーと呼ばれるクラーケンウェルのTerroniGazzano’s、そして今は閉店してしまったエンジェルのOlga storesとともに、Mがイタリアの味が恋しくなる度に足を運ぶ店の一つ。この1、2年の間に、Lina storesはお化粧直しをして、家族経営の飾り気のない食料品店から、ポッシュでレトロかつ洗練されたデリに生まれ変わった。今はビニール袋の代わりに、ペパーミントグリーンと白のストライプの可愛い紙袋を使い、軽食を食べたりエスプレッソを飲める立ち飲み用テーブルも加わった。


Lina Stores has been selling Italian food since 1930s on Brewer Street, in the middle of SOHO’s red-light district. Since we arrived in London about 10 years ago, Lina stores is one of several Italian groceries M shops every now and then when he needs his fix, as well as Terroni and Gazzano’s in Clerkenwell and Angel’s Olga stores which now closed. The store got make-over some time in last 1 or 2 years, and has changed from no-frill family-run grocery to posh deli with retro feel. Now they use cute peppermint green x white striped paper carry bags (you can see it in a photo on the bottom) instead of a plastic bag, and a standing table is added for a quick snack or a cup of espresso. Good job.

You can find almost all basic items for Italian cooking. The deli counters holds gorgeous looking prosciutto and salamis, olives, cheeses, homemade pasta sauces, as well as fresh pastas and ravioli. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards are filled with imported products from Italy such as dried pasta, tin and can food, biscuits and others. As they paid the bill for this nice renovation bill, the price seems to have gone up a bit, but still more reasonable than other British-owned shops for Italian food. We bought a large bag full of food the other day. The bread was very good, but the ravioli with spinach and ricotta smelled like chlorine, and taste was disappointing. This sort of things happened when we bought tortelloni from Gazzano’s and M got stomach problem after eating – I guess filled pasta have to be very fresh, but there is no date of produce and how can we know??