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London Fire Brigade Incident Mapping

ロンドン消防庁が作成した、イギリス初のオンライン火災発生マップ「London Fire Brigade Incident Mapping」が、今日から利用開始になった。2008年に作られたロンドン首都警察の犯罪マップをベースにしたこのシステムでは、郵便番号を入力すると、昨年に消防隊が出動した件数がエリアごとに表示される。また、Fires(火災):Primary/Secondary(一次/二次)、Deliberate Fires(放火):Primary/Secondary(一次/二次)、False Alarms(誤報):All Automatic Fire Alarms/Good Intent/Malicious(自動火災報知器の誤作動/間違い通報/いたずら通報)、Special Services(特別出動):Road Traffic Collisions/Shut in lift releases(交通衝突/エレベーター内閉じ込め)といったカテゴリー別に、フィルターをかけることも出来る。



The London Fire Brigade Incident Mapping showing the number of the fire related incidents across London, the first of its kind in UK, has been made available online today. Based on the Metropolitan Police’s crime map launched in 2008, typing in your postcode shows you the data on how many incidents firefighters have been called to in the past year. You can also filter the numbers by types; Fires (Primary/Secondary), Deliberate Fires (Primary/Secondary), False Alarms (All Automatic Fire Alarms/Good Intent/Malicious) and Special Services (Road Traffic Collisions/Shut in lift releases).

An intention of the London Fire Brigade (LFB) is to encourage residents, businesses and councils in places with a higher number of incidents to take action to make their area safer, but like Scotland Yard’s local crime and policing website for England and Wales, it may cause fear among people who live or plan to move to London’s fire hotspots, including Croydon in Southeast London, which had the most serious fires and arson attacks last year.

I checked my postcode and the numbers come ‘average’ in all incident types. But just few steps away is marked as ‘High’ – am I suppose to be pleased or not?