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Caffeine: The Coffee Lover’s Magazine



As well as the growing popularity of East London, demand for quality coffee has been increased in recent years in London. As you know, tea is British proud tradition, and it was hard to find a decent cup of espresso in London about 10 years ago, and nobody knew about now well-liked and also my favorite Flat white. But today you can find it everywhere!

Founded early this year, Caffeine is a free magazine for coffee lovers, focusing on the independent coffee scene in London and other parts of UK. It is available online or print edition as well as their app. But I like their print version – it is all in color and well-designed, and I love the touch and smell of the paper they use. You can tell that the editors of this sleek magazines are really into coffee, and you learn a lot about coffee and London’s café scenes. Interested? Go and pick up your copy at London’s independent coffee shops (Photo above: their 6th & latest Dec/Jan 2013/04 issue).

Snapshot of the most beautiful espresso machines they found

A Tragic Death of Alan the Tatler’s Popular Office Dog

3日前の15日、イギリス上流階級のグラマラスなライフスタイルに焦点を当てた雑誌・Tatlerタトラー)編集部で可愛がられていた「Office Dog」、ミニチュアダックスのAlan TBH Plumptre(愛称:「タトラー」アラン)が、オフィスの入居しているビルの回転ドアに挟まれて亡くなるという事件が起き、イギリスメディアがこぞって取り上げた。ちょっと調べただけでも、Telegraph、GuardianIndependentEvening StandardDaily MailMirrorThe Sunなど主要紙が記事にし、特にTelegraph紙などは記事を(最低)3つも掲載した(1/2/3)。業界内では有名犬だったアランはツイッターのアカウントも持っており(@TatlerAlan)、アップされるキュートな写真で、フォロワー数約2600人を持つ人気者だった。

今日のEvening Standard紙に、アランをはじめとする「Office Dog」に関する記事が掲載されてたのだが、記事によると、オフィスに犬を連れてくる人たちは意外に多いのだそう。2011年の調査によると、「オフィス・ペット」がいる人の55%は、ペットを職場に連れて来る事で、モチベーションが上がると答えている。サイコセラピストでストレスに関する専門家によると、ペットが職場にいると、従業員がリラックスし、心拍数や血圧を下げる効果があり、その結果、欠勤が減り、従業員のモラルも改善するという。犬に気を取られたり、邪魔されたり、世話で時間を取られたりするけど、それ以上に利点があるのかも。

Three days ago on January 15th, UK’s high-society magazine Tatler‘s “office dog”, “Alan TBH Plumptre” or “Tatler Alan” was killed in tragic revolving door accident at the entrance of the publisher’s building. Miniature duchshund Alan was well known within the industry, and his own Twitter account @TatlerAlan has attracted 2,600 followers due to a series of his photographs posted online. Major British media has all dealt with his death including Telegraph, GuardianIndependentEvening StandardDaily MailMirror and The Sun, especially Telegraph put up at least three articles about him (1/2/3).

Today I read a related article about office Dog on Evening Standard: according to the article, an office pet in UK is more popular that you imagine. A survey conducted in 2011 found that 55% of those who had an office pet including also “fish, cats and tortoises”, said that by doing so they felt more motivated. When it was published, a consultant clinical psychotherapist and stress expert explained: “Pets at work can help employees to relax, reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure, which can decrease absenteeism and improve staff morale.” Office pets can be destructing, disrupting and needing for care and attention, but I guess it can give more advantages than disadvantages. I want a dog too!!!



Snow on Canal


It was snowing “a lot” in London today and canal is frozen. It is also predicted snow this weekend, and the cold front will stay during next week. Snow always causes chaos in London, and I am afraid the disruption may last for a while…

Numbers, numbers… BA “Business Life” Inflight Magazine


マイルを貯めていることもあって、近年ブリティッシュ・エアウェイズ(BA)を利用する事が多いのだが、ヨーロッパ線の全席に置かれているBAの機内誌「Business Life」のページ上部に掲載されている「数字」をチェックするのが楽しみだ。取るに足らないけれども「そうなんだ。」と思わせる、言わば統計のトリビアが簡潔に書かれている。例えば2月号では、

  • イギリスでは半数の親が、子供が16歳になる前に別れている
  • イギリス人成人が毎日文句を言う時間は平均8分45秒
  • 51%のオフィス内のデスクは永久的に使用されない
  • バケーションに行った人の60%が、海外でもソーシャルメディアを使って友人や両親と繋がっている
  • 女性が毎年ショッピングに費やす時間は平均598時間
  • 170万人ものイギリス人成人が、10年以上前から所有している下着を使用
  • 新婚旅行人気ランキングの一位はセントルシア


I just came back to London after more than a month of absence. But the sky is as white and cold as the time I left, and I feel like I time-tripped and came back to the same time, same place. Because I haven’t been here most of the time since the end of last December, I have a lot of things I have to do and this makes me a bit low…

I often use British Airways (BA) in recent years as we have been saving miles, and I like checking “numbers” on the top of the pages of BA’s inflight magazine “Business Life“. For example, in the February issue,

  • half of all parents in the UK split up before their children reach the age of 16
  • 8 mins 45 secs is the length of time that the average British adult complains each day
  • 51% of office desks are not permanently occupied
  • 60% of holidaymakers use social media to stay in touch with friends and family while abroad
  • 598 hours is the average amount of time women spend shopping each year
  • 1.7m UK adults are still wearing the same pants and knickers they have owned for more than a decade
  • St Lucia has been voted the world’s leading honeymoon destination

etc, etc. These trivia of numbers are taken from all sort of resources and statics, and these numbers give me a glimpse of social issues, everyday life in UK, and British values and way of thinking, and it is very interesting.

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Which? – Product-testing and Campaigning Consumer Orginzation

Mが「Which?」の最初の1ヶ月1ポンドのお試しキャンペーンに申し込み、先日、その雑誌が届いた。Which?は、イギリスを拠点とする最大の消費者団体NPOで、消費者の保護と、商品テストや独自の商品レビューによって消費者に正しい商品知識を与える事、また消費者の権利の啓蒙を目的としている。ウェブサイトと雑誌を主宰し、100万人の会員数を誇る。広告や無料の商品を受け取らない事で独立性を維持、商品テストに使われる商品は全て定価で購入されている。活動資金はすべて会員サービス契約料によってまかなわれ、株主を持たない。Which?の「Best Buy」のお墨付きは広く認知されており、その守備範囲は、電化製品、車、コンピュータから、健康保険や金融商品、またスーパーマーケットにまで多岐に渡り、Which?に認められる事即ち、お買い得で信頼に足りる商品という証明になる。また、消費者の法的権利に関するアドバイスや消費者訴訟の法令などもリポートしている。ちゃんとした会社はいいけれど、二流の会社にとっては鬱陶しい存在かも。

今回の特集「The Best and Worst Shops」では、100の主な店を対象に、1万4千人の客による投票で値段、品質、サービス、お店での体験を採点、トータルで最高・最低ランクのお店をリストアップしている。Mは、ワールドカップ観戦のための新しいテレビを、Which?ランキングでトップだったお店で買った。Which?はまた、商品やサービスのレビューだけでなく、お金の節約術も色々指南してくれる。例えば列車料金は、「split ticketing」と呼ばれる方法で、乗車区間をいくつかに分けて切符を買う方が、トータルの区間を買うより割安の場合があるという(電車が切符に記載された駅に停まる場合)。また無料で使える地方自治体や学校のテニスコートを検索できるウェブサイト(www.tennisforfree.com)の紹介も。買い物やお金に関する無料電話相談もできる。ただ、1ヶ月間の£1のキャンペーンの後は、月額£9.75に。便利なサービスだけれど、毎月払うとなるととちょっと高いなあ。

M applied £1 for first month trial campaign of Which?, and received the latest magazine recently. Which? is a product-testing and campaigning charity based in UK with a magazine and website, and is the largest consumer organization in the UK with over 1 million subscribers. It engages in advocacy campaigns on various consumer protection issues and aims to promote informed consumer choice in the purchase of goods and services by testing products, and raising awareness of consumer rights. Tests are carried out on consumer items like electrical goods, cars, and computers, as well as health and financial services, and supermarkets, highlighting issues such as reliability and value-for-money. Which? claims that it maintains its independence by not accepting advertising or freebies, and everything bought for testing is paid for at full price. Which? is funded entirely by its subscribers and has no shareholders. Also Which? gives advice on consumers’ legal rights and reports on legal cases, as well as products reviews. It is a honor for a company or store to be awarded the Which? ‘Best Buy’, which is highly respected by industry and consumers, for their products and serivce. It is good for a decent company or store which makes a great effort to offer a good quality products or service for their customers, but it would be a great pain in the neck for a rogue trader.

This month’s issue includes “The Best and Worst Shops”, based on the score calculated votes by 14,000 shoppers on price, product quality, service, and store experience at 100 high street shops. M purchased a new TV for watching the World Cup football from Which?‘s highest rank retailer, after he got the magazine. Not only a reviews for products and services, but also some articles are helpful for its money saving tactics. For example, ‘split ticketing’, buying any combination of tickets for a journey (as long as the train stops at the stations named on the tickets), could be cheaper than buying a ticket for an entire journey. Another article talks about an website (www.tennisforfree.com) that you can search a tennis court owned by local authorities and schools that can be used for free near you across UK. You can also get free money and shopping advice over the phone. Quite useful service, but after £1 trial month, monthly subscription will cost £9.75 – sounds a bit too expensive to pay every month…

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Shortlist / Stylist Free Weekly Magazines

ShortListは、ホワイトカラーや専門職の高収入の若い男性をターゲットにした無料週刊誌。イギリスの男性雑誌・FHMの元編集長で、同じくイギリスにベースを置く男性誌・Maximのアメリカ版のCEOだったMike Soutarによって、2007年9月に創刊された。イギリスの主な都市の、電車や地下鉄の駅、バスターミナル、NCPの駐車場、空港、スポーツクラブ、French Connection(FCUK)のショップなど、男性がよく行きそうな場所で、毎週木曜に配布されている。発行部数は50万部を超え、男性のライフスタイル・マガジンとしてはイギリス最高の発行部数を誇る。



ShortList is a free weekly magazine launched in September 2007, targeting young professional males. The magazine is founded by Mike Soutar, former editor-in-chief of FHM in UK and Maxim in the US as its CEO. It is handed out every Thursday at around train and Underground stations and bus terminals in main UK cities, and can be also be picked up at NCP car parks, airports and French Connection stores and sports/health clubs. Shortlist boasts over half a million circulation, and is the biggest-circulation men’s lifestyle magazine in UK.

Shortlist is a lightweight magazine with only 60 pages (this issue’s case), but concisely deals with topics that young men like, such as sport, TV, cars, movies, gadgets, fashion and men’s beauty products. The good point is no nudity and no young women in underwear or bikini, so that you can read in public space without feeling embarrassed. The bad point is advertisements that occupy half of the magazine and it is kind of hard to find an article buried in a flood of advertisements, as the magazine is free and obviously relies on income from advertisers. But with its sophisticated layout and tasteful articles make it easy and fun to read in a train or bus.

For women, there is a sister magazine called Stylist (web version is at Stylist.co.uk), talking about anything women love – fashion, travel, interviews, beauty and cosmetics, restaurants, cooking etc as well.