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iPhone 3GS: My New Mobile Phone Finally in Use!!

iphone 3GS

昨日、新しい携帯iPhone 3GSがやっと使用可能となった。新しい携帯を買おうと決めてから、2ヶ月。たかが携帯なのに、紆余曲折を経た、長い道のりだった。この話は少し長く、ややこしいので、どうぞご辛抱下さい。

納得できるiphoneを待ち続けて、以前の契約を結ぶと無料になるモトローラ携帯を3年も使っていた。そして、やっとiPhone 3GSが発売され、今が買い時と決めたのが8月初旬。Mac信者のMはもちろんiPhone 3GSを即購入。私は、同じ携帯を持つのも面白くないかな?と思い、当時話題になっていたスマートフォンHTC Heromobiles.co.ukで購入。HTC Heroは、iPhoneよりも本体も月額料金も安く、ソフトウェアをダウンロードすれば日本語も使えるとのこと。デザインも素敵だし、グーグルAndroid OS搭載ということで、iPhoneの有力な対抗馬だ。HTC Heroが手元に届いて喜んでいたのも束の間。イギリスでは、元の電話番号を引き続き使用するためには、元のキャリアからPACコード(Porting Authorisation Code)を入手しないといけないのだが、私が持っていたコードは期限が切れており(入手してから30日間有効ということを知らなかった)、Vodafoneから新しい番号を与えられた。他のキャリアは、後からでも新しい番号から元の番号に変えられるのだが、Vodafoneは融通が利かず、いったん新しい番号になったら古い番号に切り替えられないと聞いて憤慨、即解約した。

そこで他のHTC HeroのキャリアであるOrangeフランステレコム傘下の携帯電話キャリア)で申し込み直そうと思っていた時、新聞で、ソフトウェアデザイナーがiphoneのアプリケーションに集中し、Android搭載の携帯にダウンロードできるアプリケーションの数が限られていると言う記事を読み、またiPhoneに方向転換。その時iPhoneは売り切れ中で、アップルと独占契約を結ぶキャリア・O2(スペインのテレフォニカ傘下の携帯電話会社)のウェブサイトは予約受付をしないため、もう1つのiPhoneの販売代理店・The Carphone Warehouse(以前ポール・ポッツが働いていた)で申し込んだ。しかし2週間経ってiPhoneは届かない。品切れなので仕方ないと思っていたが、問い合わせたら、なんと注文がキャンセルされているではないか!私はイギリスではCredit(信用)がないので、Mの名前で契約したのだが(前の携帯もM名義で契約)、アップル社の意向でiPhoneは1人1台しか契約できないので注文をキャンセルしたとのこと。断りも連絡もなく、ひどいじゃない!?と電話口で騒いでも「出来ないものは出来ない」とけんもほろろに扱われ、ギブアップ。

先の話に戻るが、私はイギリスでのCredit(信用)がない、というか充分ではない。携帯電話の契約やクレジットカードの申請では、充分なCreditがないと、拒否されることがある。私も以前クレジットカードを申請したのだが、Creditがないと却下された。大手信用調査会社Equifaxで自分のCredit Rating(信用度)を調べてみた。信用度は、Credit Agreement(クレジット契約履歴。銀行のデビットカードは持っているが、イギリス発行のクレジットカードは持っていない)、Electoral Roll(選挙登録。外国人だから当然選挙権はない)、Searches (6ヶ月以内に1、2回以上信用調査をされていると、心証が悪い。これは大丈夫)、 Court Information(破産等で裁判沙汰になったことがあるか。これもOK)の4項目で評価され、私は2項目で悪かったので、Credit Ratingは最低ラインの「poor」。iPhoneは無理かなあと思っていた。でも、最近iPhoneを買った友達によると、携帯市場は競争が激しいので、信用度が低くても大丈夫だよとのこと。勇気づけられて、またCarphone Warehouseで申し込んだら、£150デポジットを払えば可能だと言われたので、即契約。先週木曜日、ようやく念願のiPhoneを手にした。新しい電話番号から以前の番号への移行がスムーズにいかず、いらいらしたが、昨日やっと以前の番号が使えるようになった!!


Yesterday my new iPhone 3GS started to work. It’s been 2 months since I decided to buy a new mobile. It is just a mobile, but there were a lot of obstacles to get it. It is a bit complicated to explain, and is a long story, so please be patient…

We had been waiting for ‘perfect’ iPhone and had been using our free-with-contract silly Motorola phone for 3 years. After long waiting, iPhone 3GS came out and it was early August when we finally decided to get an iPhone 3GS. Mac fanatic M bought it right away without any problem. I bought, instead of my original idea to buy iPhone, another smartphone HTC Hero at mobiles.co.uk – I thought it would be good to have a different phone from M so we could supplement with each other. HTC Hero with the Google Android platform was said to be a strong contender to iPhone, and its handset and monthly tariff are cheaper. Moreover, I fell in love with its sophisticated design and mat maroon color. I was so happy when I received it, but the excitement didn’t last long… In UK you need to obtain PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code) from your old carrier so that you can port their number to another network. But my PAC code was expired (I didn’t know its expiration was 30 days) and I was assigned a new phone number. You can change your new number to your previous number with other mobile phone carriers if you have the PAC code, except Vodafone – my new carrier. Vodafone is the only carrier that doesn’t port your old phone number once a new phone number is assigned. I was really upset that they gave me a new number without telling me that my PAC code is expired, and therefore I cancelled the contract right away.

When I was thinking to re-apply HTC Hero with other carrier Orange, I read an article “Google fails to squeeze smartphone market” and I changed my mind again and went back to iPhone. At that moment iPhones were sold out and UK exclusive carrier O2 didn’t allow me to pre-order, therefore I applied iPhone pre-order with another iPhone agent, the Carphone Warehouse (where Paul Potts used to work). But I had never received the handset after 2 weeks of my application. I thought it’d been sold out, but when I called up, I was told that my application was cancelled!! According to the person I spoke to, Apple allows only one iPhone per customer, and I applied under M’s name who already had one as I don’t have good credit in UK. I was screaming to the phone that I had never been contacted by anyone for the cancellation, but ‘NO’ meant ‘NO’ and it was useless to continue.

I don’t have a good credit here in UK and I was worrying about applying under my name. I ordered credit rating from a consumer credit reporting agency Equifax – the credit rating was based on Credit Agreement (I don’t have UK credit card but only debit cards), Electoral Roll (I can’t vote as I am a foreigner), Searches (credit grantors view more than one or two credit searches within six month unfavorably, and I had no search), and Court Information (I have no court judgment or other public record information and it was fine). I got ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’ for tow categories and therefore my overall rating was the worst rating ‘very poor.’ I almost gave up my hope, but my Japanese friend who got iPhone recently told me that the carrier wouldn’t refuse me because of severe competition in mobile phone market. This encouraged me to apply at the Carphone Warehouse again under my name this time, and I was allowed to get contract with £150 deposit in advance! I received my dream phone last Thursday, but the number porting was not smooth and long waiting on hold with O2 frustrated me a lot, but finally my old number was ported and started to work yesterday!!!

Few days after my application of iPhone, breaking news came in – O2 would loose their exclusive contract with Apple for 2 years, and Orange before Christmas, and Vodafone at the beginning of next year will join in UK iPhone market. Probably O2 wanted to get as many contracts as possible before these two strong rivals come in the market. No wonder why they accepted me with very poor credit. I regret a little that I didn’t wait for few more days, so that I could wait for the possible better deals from the competition, but I guess I must be happy for just being able to get it after all these troubles…

HTC Hero

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