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Debrett’s Guide for the Modern Gentleman


Guide for the Modern Gentleman」は、1769年創業の出版社、Debrett社が発行。20世紀の中頃から、伝統的なイギリスのエチケットを著した本の数々を出版している。時代錯誤のマナーではなく、仕事、身だしなみ、家まわり、シティ・ライフ、余暇、車、旅行、グルメ、現代の騎士道など、現代生活に必要な情報やアドバイスを、微に入り細に入り、ウィットとユーモアを交えて掲載している。クラシックでエレガントなフォント、可愛いカラーの挿絵や古い本に出てくるような白黒の木版画のイラスト、そして手触りのいいマットな紙と、本の装丁も素敵。

この本は男性をターゲットにしているけれど、Debrettは女性向けに「Etiquette for Girls」、そして一般向けに「A-Z of Modern Manners」も出版している。またウェブサイトでも、日常生活のエチケットや結婚式など、いろいろな情報やアドバイスが無料で見られる。

This is the book M bought recently and it is quite interesting. Many foreigners may still believe that UK is a country of ‘gentlemen’, but I often encounter a person stunningly without basic manner or common sense. I just let it go because there are always obnoxious people in any society and I may have misunderstood something as a foreigner. But this is the kind of book I really want them to read. Also this book is useful for foreigners who live here to learn how to behave here in UK.

Guide for the Modern Gentleman” is published by Debrett, a specialist publisher founded in 1769. Dating from the mid 1900s, Debrett’s has published a range of guides on traditional British etiquette. This book doesn’t teach you old-fashioned manners, but it covers all aspects of life for the modern man such as work, maintenance including tailoring and grooming, home, city life, time off, sports, motoring, travel, food & drinks, and new ‘chivalry‘, and gives us all kinds of information and advice in details, with wits and humors. The book itself is nicely done, with a classic elegant typeface and cute color illustrations and black & white woodcut prints published on a nice soft matt paper.

This book targets men, but also women can get a lot of general knowledge from it and learn what men care. “Etiquette for Girls” is also available for women and “A-Z of Modern Manners” for general audience. Debrett’s website offers a variety of information as well on all occasions of life such as everyday etiquette and wedding, and it is free ;-).

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