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Gail’s Kitchen @ Myhotel Bloomsbury

昨年11月21日、人気の高級ベーカリーチェーン・Gail’sが、初めてのレストラン「Gail’s Kitchen」を、Tottenham Court Roadから少し入ったところにあるホテル・ Myhotel Bloomusbury内にオープンさせた。Gail’sの新店舗、Bloomsbury bakeryも同じ場所にある。朝食、ランチ、アフタヌーン・ティー、ディナーと一日中、パンとパン焼きオーブンを使って調理した「small plates(小皿料理)」を提供している。


でも料理は美味しいし、内装も素敵。辛口で知られるObserver紙のレストラン批評家・Jay Raynerでさえ、Gail’s Kitchenはお気に召したようだ(参照記事)。欠点は、ランチ&ディナーは「小皿料理」しかなく、しかも品数も少ない事か(朝食メニューの方が充実)。


On November 21st last year, popular high-end artisan bakery chain Gail’s opened their first restaurant, Gail’s Kitchen, inside Myhotel Bloomusbury just off Tottenham Court Road, side by side to their Bloomsbury bakery. Focusing on dishes inspired by their speciality, bread & the bread oven, Gail’s Kitchen offers menu of “small plates” all day for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. 

The restaurant is just next to the hotel reception, so I guess it also serves as a hotel lounge, but not as stiff as 5-star hotel lounge that make us nervous. The interior is casual modern, mixing contemporary furniture and old wood tables and counters – perfectly our taste. We had steak sandwich with onion, watercress & fresh horseradish (£9.50/photo at the bottom) for lunch. It was delicious, but a bit too small – well, that’s why they call it “small plate”, but a little pricey relative to its size. Friendly staff offered us complimentary bread basket, which were very good as well, and it complimented our stomach.

Nice place and good food. Even the Observer’s harsh food critique who rarely compliment, Jay Rayner, seems to like Gail’s Kitchen (article). A setback is they have only “small plates” and small menu for lunch & dinner (more variety for breakfast).

* sorry for bad quality photos – I still haven’t study how to use my new camera!

Steak sandwich with onion, watercress & fresh horseradish (£9.50)