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Very, Very Sad Day




現在、USTREAMで、NHKTBSフジテレビの地震情報がライブで見れます。また英赤十字は「Japan Tsunami Appeal」を実施、オンラインで募金を行っています。またレディ・ガガは「Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband」をデザイン、収益金は地震支援金として寄付される予定です。支援の輪が広がる事を願っています。

The strongest recorded earthquake ever hit north east Japan at 2:46 pm on February 11. BBC news and Sky news have been constantly reported aftermath of the tragedy – it’s a true catastrophe. I can’t write a blog about café or something nonchalantly, without thinking about the sadness and hardship that people in the region facing.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people who lost their lives. For people who lost their loved ones. For people who lost their houses and their living. For people who injured… You may encounter sorrow and distress the time ahead, but I wish your heart and soul will find peace and comfort one day soon.


You can watch NHK world news online live for information about the earthquake. British Red Cross set up “Japan Tsunami Appeal” and you can donate online or you can buy Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband designed by Lady Gaga if you prefer – I would really, really appreciate if you can spread the word about these project!

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