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Northern Lights in UK

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Northern lights(オーロラ)が今夜、ロンドンでも見れるかもしれない!?



Beautiful northern lights, Aurora or the Aurora Borealis, can be seen in London tonight?!

Normally taking place close to the Arctic, but every 11 years or so, an increase in solar activity causes unusually powerful explosions of particles, to make aurora able to be seen further south. Now is the time. Since late Sunday, aurora has been observed in Scotland, northern England and northern Ireland (→photos: Telegraph), and can be seen until Wednesday, possibly as south as London, with luck and under certain conditions: right magnetic activity which is highly variable; clear skies; and darkness without bright moonlight. Higher probability in the countryside than the city. For the best chance, look to the north which is the direction aurora is usually seen, though it depends where you are, around midnight from 10 pm to 2 am.

Aurora is not uncommon in northern Scotland, but fairly rare in south England and last appearance of this size was in 2003, and the last recording sightings of aurora in London was in 1939.



Stormy Day in UK


昨日の夜から風が強くなり、今日は一日中ビュービュー風が吹いている。8月29日にカーボベルデ南部の熱帯波から発生したHurricane Katiaハリケーン・カティア)は、当初アメリカ東海岸に向かうと予測されていたが、カリブ海辺りでその行き先を変え、大西洋を越えて昨夜イギリスにやってきたのだ。ピーク時にシンプソン・スケールでカテゴリー4を記録したこのハリケーンの影響により、スコットランド、北アイルランド、イングランド北部、ウェールズ北部は強風・高波や強い雨に見舞われた。高波警報が出され、列車やフェリーなど交通網は大混乱、倒れた木々が事故を引き起こし、大規模停電や建物の損壊も報告されている。またツアー・オブ・ブリテンの第2ステージもキャンセルされた。→被害の様子はこちら:デイリーメール紙テレグラフ紙サン紙


The strong wind has started to blow since yesterday night, and has been making this annoying noise all day today. This gale is because of Hurricane Katia, developed from a tropical wave south of the Cape Verde Islands on August 29; it had been expected to hit US coastal regions but changed course from the Caribbean and arrived Britain last night. Katia, rated as a category four hurricane on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale at its peak, have been bringing high tides, strong winds and rains to Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and north Wales. Flood alerts have been issued, with road, rail and ferry travel widely disrupted. Uprooted trees caused accidents and large scale power cuts and damages to buildings have been reported. The second stage of the Tour of Britain was cancelled as well. → See the damages here: Daily Mail | Telegraph | the Sun

Fortunately, London hasn’t been hit hard, and no specific damage has been reported. Just some winds, which was strong enough to push me back when I was on my bike. The storm will be ease tomorrow, and it will get back to normal after tomorrow. Katia has been causing major disruption, but only surfers seem to enjoy the big waves!