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Kitchen Italia @ Covent Garden

Westfield shopping centre(ウェストフィールド:ヨーロッパ最大の都市型ショッピングセンター)に続き、コベントガーデンに最近オープンした、Kitchen Italia(キッチン・イタリア)の2号店。HushVillandryなどを経営する、元弁護士のJamie Barberがオーナーだ。入口はちょっとケバケバしいけれど、Wagamamaを思わせる長テーブルが何列か置かれた、カジュアルだけれどスタイリッシュな店内は、広々としていて明るい感じ。あのPizza Eastを手がけたのと同じ人物が内装を担当したそうだ。私たちは午後遅めに行ったのだけれど、出る頃にはすでに、シアターに行く前に食事に来た人たちが席を埋めつつあった。開店時間は、朝11時から夜11時半(日曜は10時半まで)。観劇の後でも食事できるよう、11時で閉まってしまう通常のレストランより少し遅くまで開いている。



After the original in Westfield shopping centre, the second Kitchen Italia just opened in Covent Garden. The owner, Jamie Barber, is an ex-lawyer and also owns Hush and Villandry restaurants. Although the entrance is a bit flashy with bright electric signage, the interior is casual but stylish with Wagamama-ish wooden long tables, created by the same person who did Pizza East, and the place is spacious and bright. We went there late afternoon, but when we left, there were already many people coming for pre-theater dinner. The opening hour is 11am – 11.30pm (10:30pm on Sundays). It opens a bit longer than usual restaurants that close at 11pm, so that people can have late dinner without rush after the musicals or shows.

Kitchen Italia’s pastas are handmade and fresh, and pizzas are char-grilled. The price is quite reasonable – a variety of pastas are all below £10, and mains such as chargrilled thin steak and chicken are under £13, though not much choice. There are many side dishes on the menu, but not much vegetables and quite a lot of carbohydrates such as pizzas, foccacia, and bread stick, which are a bit too heavy for a stomach to have with pastas. On the day, I ordered spaghetti alla carbonara and M had fresh tomato spaghetti, and these dishes were quite good as in a casual Italian restaurant. Their carbonara is not a cheat with cream but with eggs, parmesan cheese and pancetta (Italian bacon), as in the traditional recipe. It was a good gesture of them to give us a small ice cream in a cute package, with cappuccino and espresso after meal.

There are numerous Italian restaurants in London, I am glad that finally casual but chic Italian place comes out, other than stereotypical cheap trattorias with red and white table cloths or posh Italian that charge you hundreds.

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